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  1. Yeah been looking into them, starting a new routine had a couple months off gym so hoping to get into it hard.
  2. I forgot to mention im in Australia, Soooo much stuff is banned ha. Also didnt see the other post about supps in Australia. Woops.
  3. Has anyone found a good fat burner that gives good energy throughout the day? Before Albuterex got banned it was easily one of the best. What pre workout do people prefer?
  4. Scripts going great, but haven't hit over 30k exp an hour maybe I have a bad spot.
  5. I had a friend that's really skinny and he asked the PT at our gym and she told him 'ice cream, lots and lots of ice cream' I'm no PT or anything like that but sounds pretty fucking stupid lol, but you never know, I personally try stay away from dairy but I'm a different body type to you.
  6. I'm 21, taking epistane & methyl tren 550, its a mild stack but I'm also on cycle armour & liver protect, I have a pct and test boost for when I cycle off. I wasn't going for size as it is a lean muscle stack no water retention, but I have put on size & leaned abit strength gains deffs my max leg press before the stack was 270kg 5reps, after 2/3 weeks on the stack I got too 290kg 10 reps & had the energy to go higher but my legs were buggered. But in saying this I wouldn't of touched anything like this or what you took at 17
  7. You are Jesus <3

    1. NewBotterFTW


      Hahah thank you for noticing my son. lolz :P

    2. bloob
  8. Love the bot dude! Very happy with it, thanks for your help getting it working for me! Very impressed.
  9. Anyone else having trouble running the bot? I put the files in just like the README says, but when i start script everything goes away and i try to start again and says i have one running...