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  1. okay it does work if you buy vip on 1 account lol
  2. ill just buy trial version of vip and try it that way lol
  3. yeah thats the problem i have 2 free tribot accounts with that script bought on each account but doesnt let me run 2 different tribot accounts on 2 different rs accounts
  4. doesnt let me because im not vip. it lets me login to other account if i open another tribot
  5. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1362-w-zulrah-slayer-v2/ yeah i have accounts "jimzq" and account "nierka26" both of them has this script purchased for 14 days
  6. so what are you saying is that i should buy vip on one tribot account and it will work?
  7. so if i buy vip on one tribot acc i should be able to run scripts on both of them?
  8. so basically i have 2 tribot accounts and on both of them i have the same premium script but one account gets same error every time that im not vip and cant run 1 or more scripts. is this fixable or should i buy vip to prevent this?
  9. even though i redecorated back to basic wood, have parlor, kitchen and dinning room, it says that i dont own a house any thoughts on this one?
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