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  1. Stuck at the bank it keeps taking the required items then re banking them over and over
  2. mine always crashes when attempting to take anti dragon shield out of the bank even tho there are plenty of them it says we are missing anti-dragon shield. and then says failed to bank 3 times then ends the script
  3. after jagex update earlier today bot fails to do anything
  4. Script gets stuck at bank when withdrawing food (8 tuna) it already withdraws everything but fails to set back off to lavas and keeps bank screen open. another thing it takes our a games knecklace even when theres still 1 in invent. also sometimes says we are missing an anti dragon shield when theres some in bank
  5. ok so I have 3 short vids for you to view two is the dual ring issue another is out of zul teleports (surprisingly nothing to do with ring)
  6. I have a vid of when the issue occurs add me on skype and ill show you its defiantly a problem with the way it takes stuff out of the bank once again it did not take a dual ring out. so i re enabled user input and took out a ring with the script still running and it the continued the script.
  7. got stuck again this time it said FINISH MESSAGE: Out of prayer potions (4) Script Ended: |w| Zulrah Slayerthere was 254 potions (4) in bank it only seems to work if i set the script to take 1 prayer potion at a time (which results in more deaths) btw added u on skype 1 more thing i re ran the script without changing the way the bot logged out (keeping the same invent ect..) and the thing what was missing from the invent was a duel ring i also have plenty of them too
  8. bot still gets stuck @ bank sorry it was magic potions not prayer FINISH MESSAGE: Out of magic potions (4) Script Ended: |w| Zulrah Slayer I still have 50+ magic potions in my bank so i restarted it it takes a perfect inventory set up out then stops at the bank screen dosen't go kill zulrah. Anyway i msged u on skype
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