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  1. didnt get anything
  2. buying 18 credits through paypal, shoot me a PM or post your skype down below with price ~ Got randomly marked as fraudulent after coming back from a break, dunno why so i'm buying credits on forums now =\
  3. Going to test out these proxies right now but so far it's a pleasure, bought USA proxies clumsy I know but a simple email and a helpful support all is ok now. Awesome shop will buy more.
  4. Have you ever thought of adding a to do list in the script? would be pretty nice, aside from that thing runs flawlessly.
  5. Saw your link on my post, and this is quite useful, i myself went kinda ham trading huge amounts every week for about 3-4months and suddenly i'm getting these sudden bans for Macroing Major not even RWT, i'm be sure to test some of these out, and post an update as soon as one of them starts working for me. Btw, have you thought of pure wilderness killing?
  6. Yes, they are indeed like herpes, but according to the tests i have done, they are indeed separate i've added 1 more method that i did, Maybe i should make my Home IP a Mule like i used to back then, or a 'Main' on a different IP, Any other adivce?
  7. I Have been botting for quite a bit, and every time i have 2 mules that has been a lvl 3 or lvl 13-20 But never higher than that i have traded with my mules through drop trading and normal trade (sometimes with and sometimes without items) most of the times the trades were quite big, 200-400m but always get sold every week. ( The 2 Mules both have Separate IPs) There was a time when i got 15-20 bots banned every week on my home IP which was connected to my MAIN and my Mule but these still stand safe till this day. ( The Mule's method of trading was only through normal trades at the G.E even when transferring to a RWT Account ) But recently i've taken a hit every week, which is leaving me confused why suddenly most of my methods just stopped working. All IP's Were never botted on, i have taken in the consideration that MAYBE these IP's were botted on by other people and the company simply gave a Used IP but there has been quite a bit of proxies used (also from different companies) so lets speculate this around Fresh Proxies. Things i did : Transferred less than 100m between 2 accounts on 1 IP, Never botted. ( Macro Major ) Transferred less than 100m on 1 IP to another IP through drop trading, Receiver banned Never botted of Course ( Macro Major ) Transferred 200m between 2 Accounts on Different IP's through drop trading, Never botted ( Macro Major ) Transferred 80m Between 2 different IP's through normal trade with items Never botted ( Macro Major ) TWO things to Note, I DO use Tribot Client ON my Mules and always have.Except for very first accounts which was Botted and Muled on my Home IP from a while ago which is till this day not banned. My close friend only trades between 2 accounts and refreshes them within a certain amount of time but they are always on 1 IP, he doesn't get his banned but his INCREASE in wealth every week is quite small, compared to 200-300m every week. Any Advice would be very appreciated. QUICK EDIT : These are also ONLY banned AFTER the weekend.
  8. This was a great script, would 100% pay for it if it's fixed to be honest, ever since the new placeholders came in the game, all it does is click it on loop. xD
  9. http://lamweixing.deviantart.com/gallery/ pm me if you're interested
  10. It's fixed now, deleted my old java and installed the latest one
  11. ah I see, so I just have to wait? I also want to confirm whether the 'withdraw' function is a correct way to 'send' money as the tutorial told me to (actually to withdraw it to my wallet but I don't have one) Is this a correct method?
  12. I'm new to bitcoin and I looked up some tutorials of how to buy it from paypal on virwox.com. I used the 'withdraw' function and sent the bitcoins to the adres given to me at the VIP credits page from Tribot. The website says it will take 1-2 hours to process the withdrawal. Am I doing this right? Do I just wait for 1-2 hours for the payment to process?
  13. how can you pay with paypal? I only see creditcard and bitcoins...
  14. tutorial island is very buggy, please fix!
  15. romeo and juliet works flawlessly! edit: would really appreciate a tutorial island script