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  1. I had the same problem on the weekend and it resulted in two accounts being banned on Monday (separate computers only one instance of bot) Seems like a lot more bugging out issues that are leading to bans
  2. I have told you on skype. It was looping when grabbing a new task at vanaka (before clicking trap door) and it would idle at Moss giants (between the spiders and giants) it also idled at Crocodiles. Seems like it got fixed but the fact that it would idle for hours is what really caught me -.-
  3. Eh got banned 2x once again Script def have some kinks in it which lead to your character being stuck for hours on end doing the same movements.
  4. I got banned on monday on 2x accounts on different computers, it kept idling on tasks for hours (until i came to intervene) and i guess jagex linked it? I was running for 12 hours a day, it seems like the ban rate in general is high on all scripts, so that's just a risk we all take =[ I'm guessing the idling got fixed since I got banned?
  5. Based on experience, if the tribot freezes up (white screen of death!) and you task manager to end the program it will bug out when you try to run the script. Generally a good 20minutes goes by before your able to run the script again That happens with pretty much every script as well...
  6. Been happening to me all day. I was running script for 12 hours over the weekend (friday-saturday and sunday) but today has been utter crap, the bot would just idle after a task or during a task (crocodiles)
  7. Sold him rs07 gp, worst possible transaction of all of Goldselling/goldbuying. Wouldn't recommend, hes way to sketch and goes back on his word. Every other goldseller/goldbuyer does trades within 5mins, jimsky takes 35mins. If you feel like being on a roller coaster sell to jimsky, if not your better off selling to other goldresellers for a better deal, and a MUCH smoother trade.
  8. New update broke the script. Its not setting the spell book to auto cast and it just sits there clicking on the two attack styles (pound and focus). I'm guessing deathwalk/running out of runes is breaking the script and causing it to idle because its failing on setting up the spell. Once you manually toggle the spellbook though it will run for hours until a death occurs or running out of runes.
  9. You need to restart your client. Make sure you log into account manually before you run the script. I've been running this script since the first week of release. It runs smoothly.
  10. Sold him 50m rs07 Via PP. I was a little skeptical at first, but it went very smoothly! Will come back!!
  11. Its been working fine for me. The only thing that seems to be bugging out is those pesky randoms that prevent me from getting 20hour+ proggies I feel like after several hours I'm over at white wolf mountain ;/
  12. I'm not sure what caused the bot to sit down like this but after you start script and it attacks the 1st ogre it shut down :l
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