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  1. I can help, Idk which one you are though. What is your location?
  2. Please remove negative feedback
  3. @moiz.frost pmed you I have account ready ----- BUMP!
  4. I have off work until the 11th! Looking to make some os rsgp for services. I will go first on trusted members of the tribot community of course. Shoot me some tasks! In need of GPs!
  5. Whats your offer? I might be interested.
  6. mooolah

    Laggy Client

    @J M C Thank you I will give it a try Edit: Tried the thread it didn't work, the paint delay is still behind but doesn't affect scripts
  7. mooolah

    Laggy Client

    @Cypher I'm running windows 10 so It's a bit hard to find files. I tried locating the hooks.dat file everywhere and its no where to be found @WillB This is only Tribot, I've used other bot programs in the past and never had this problem.
  8. mooolah

    Laggy Client

    @WillB I have heap set to 700. im not using LG and about 80%, i have the same problem on my laptop as pc
  9. thank you for the quick feed back
  10. Am I aloud to run tribot on multiple computers on one user? Someone let me know if that is aloud. thank you
  11. mooolah

    Laggy Client

    cpu is at 80% running 3 bots but its just as laggy with one not even running a script, I tried lowering the paint delay down to 0 which seemed to help a little but i'm still having an issue. thank you for the feedback
  12. mooolah

    Laggy Client

    I am running Windows 10, 4gb ram, java is up to date. Computer is pretty fast shouldnt be laggy any ideas?
  13. Okay so I'm new to Tribot and I want a V.I.P membership so I hope this is what I am looking for. I do not have skype sorry! If necessary I will download it. P.s can someone explain to me what credits are?
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