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  1. shirux

    vip e account hacked

    I bought credits from u i can show a pic of me logged into my paypal if thatll help the process go more smoothly and a pic of my id a credit card with some numbers blanked out lol, i just wana get my acc back cuz ik there not gonna give me any extra days on my vip-e so im losing money basically..
  2. shirux

    vip e account hacked

    i did that the day you told me too and still nothing... its like the site has 0 admins... it should take 1 minute to see that im the original owner of the acc or else why would i report it stolen? can u please tell an admin to look at my post cuz at this rate imma get my acc back when vip-e is expired.. if that happens im never gonna buy it again because i expect a certain level of support from admins when i payed to buy vip-e...
  3. shirux

    vip e account hacked

    Still no help from admins... I made my post wtf is going on?
  4. shirux

    vip e account hacked

    still no reply about my hacked account, im beggining to feel like admins on this site don't care if their vip-e members are hacked...
  5. shirux

    vip e account hacked

    I couldnt log back into every1hazaids, btw, the only reason for these accounts are to buy vip-e , my original account was stopped from trying to buy vip-e from the system so i made these to buy it with, and had no success so i bought it from another member on here. so you can ban shirux and every1hazaids after i get back nfekted, I posted in that thread so if you could check it out id be greatly appreciative! Thank you very much.
  6. shirux

    Best script for goldfarming?

    Chaos druids, theres a bunch of free scripts and rannars are 10k ea, each invy is about 100-150k and takes less than an hr with good stats... its pretty saturated tho.
  7. shirux

    New PayPal System

    I just made this account and I tried buying credits and it said something about my payment being fraudulent.. I wish I could just send the money to one of the staff and they give me credits..