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  1. Just go to the tutorials section of the forums..editing an rsps is nothing like making a script but if you know java you shouldnt have any problems. look at the api and learn it, that will help alot.
  2. You can delete this also, I'll just wait patiently some more.. BTW, you should be an admin.. You seem to do more work than any others.. and you seem to be much more friendly..
  3. I just saw him online for hours after i messaged him and im losing money because my acc is vip-e and it wont even let me buy credits so i have to pay more than their worth to even make my acc vip-e now, for no reason... I just don't get why he would accept it then ignore me when i send the email to him, i understand if he's busy but i just feel if im paying for a service that id be able to use it fully, and now im out 3-4 days of my vip-e... and i don't think im going to get those days added back to my account. Sorry for my impatience but I just feel like im being ignored.. I don't like paying to be ignored as it's rude and immature to do..
  4. I can't believe i gotta make another thread, im just guessing usa is never gonna respond to his emails , cuz right after he posted i emailed him and messaged him telling him that i did with all the information he asked for, so is there any admins on that will actually help me rather than leavin me hanging?
  5. I bought credits from u i can show a pic of me logged into my paypal if thatll help the process go more smoothly and a pic of my id a credit card with some numbers blanked out lol, i just wana get my acc back cuz ik there not gonna give me any extra days on my vip-e so im losing money basically..
  6. i did that the day you told me too and still nothing... its like the site has 0 admins... it should take 1 minute to see that im the original owner of the acc or else why would i report it stolen? can u please tell an admin to look at my post cuz at this rate imma get my acc back when vip-e is expired.. if that happens im never gonna buy it again because i expect a certain level of support from admins when i payed to buy vip-e...
  7. Still no help from admins... I made my post wtf is going on?
  8. whats wrong with the terms i used?
  9. I've heard from a few scripters that it cannot be done anymore because of the captcha...
  10. still no reply about my hacked account, im beggining to feel like admins on this site don't care if their vip-e members are hacked...
  11. I make acc's with fresh socks5 proxies and sell them once out of tut island which is done by hand.
  12. Ya how do you only have 35 mining and 70 cmb? that makes u look like a bot... i got 60 mining and 50 smithing on my account and its only lvl 50..
  13. May I ask what method you used to make 100m?
  14. I couldnt log back into every1hazaids, btw, the only reason for these accounts are to buy vip-e , my original account was stopped from trying to buy vip-e from the system so i made these to buy it with, and had no success so i bought it from another member on here. so you can ban shirux and every1hazaids after i get back nfekted, I posted in that thread so if you could check it out id be greatly appreciative! Thank you very much.