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  1. Recent number of bans.

    That's why it seems weird that RSBot is doing fine but not TriBot.
  2. Recent number of bans.

    I have encountered a high number of bans in the past week. It's weird because I have been using RSBot at the same time and none of those bots have gotten banned at all. I checked the forums and a lot of other people have been experiencing this. Just wondering if anyone else it sharing this experience. Note: I do not use looking glass.
  3. Are Fletching/Production scripts less detectable?

    So super elite ABCL10 Human Mouse Movement Data doesn't mean much?
  4. Are Fletching/Production scripts less detectable?

    So it doesn't matter if noone is reporting me, Jagex will automatically detect my patterns?
  5. I was wondering if scripting for a production skill is less detectable. It would seem that having fletching bots in the GE would be super low-risk since no one notices or reports you there.
  6. So this script worked for awhile, but for the past few days whenever I would try to start a custom script. It starts and is stuck on initialising. The mouse doesn't move at all.
  7. Most efficient WC Scripts?

    The title says it all.
  8. How does VIP Tribot work?

    So I am thinking about buying Tribot but I am a little confused about the pricing plans. If I buy a VIP membership do I have access to all premium scripts? Or do I have to buy the scripts separately? If so, would I be able to buy a Premium script without a VIP membership and still use it for more than the 2 hours every 3 days that the Tribot client allows me to? Thanks in advance.