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  1. spudz

    [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Pro

    Bought premium version of script, seems like it works quite well. Only problem is my bot keeps withdrawing items, than banks all. Repeat. Can this be fixed somehow? Also, i was wondering there are any pre-sets available with this script. Would make this script sick, For example, Hill giants, Minotaur, Ice Warriors Rock crabs etc)..
  2. spudz

    Combat Script Help

    Okay, il see if that works. Whenever I try to set a path from to/from the bank it works but script stalls at the bank
  3. spudz

    Combat Script Help

    Looking for a simple combat script that you can just start & go. For example, like a Minotaur script that will bank and train without issues & do random events... Ive purchased a couple but the customized option doesn't seem to be working properly, loaded with pop ups, logs out, or don't even load. I wouldn't usually vent about something like this but the fact i payed $50 USD in script, neither are working. Thanks Script Names: [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Lite [GUI] [Range/Mage/Melee] Mute's Rock Crab Killer