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  1. Same thing happened to me few months back. Logged in, few minutes later I was banned. Received a 2 day ban as well! Very, very Interesting that we all got banned using combat scripts. Stopped botting completely since than. I really do believe Tribot is detectable, client is too easily obtained. Makes me think Jagex knows if someone is using it..
  2. Anyone know how to set up mousekeys if you're using a macbook pro?
  3. Thanks Netami, you the man. Hit me up when you release this. Love to give it a shot.
  4. Fair enough, its good to sample the quality & functions of the script before purchasing. But IMO, if I'm going to purchase a script, I wouldn't want 100+ people running the exact same paths as me. Main reason anybody purchases script's are for the integrity. The least Jagex knows about the script, the better. Just my 2 cents, thanks
  5. Can't wait, I'm very interested in this script. Maybe its just me, but I find that if you release a "free trial script" it increases the likely hood of being banned, maybe make it slightly different from the premium to protect the integrity of the script... Any idea how safe botting PC is these days? Another cool idea would be if you implement a system where it will log out after obtaining "X" amount of points!
  6. I think Tribot scripts in general are high ban rate. I death botted multiple accounts a few years back using RSbot & I lost 2/8 accounts I made. I used Tribot for a week very cautiously. Only botted maybe 1-3 hours every few days as well as played legit and still got manged to get a minor ban. That was using a payed combat script to! If you bot, you will get caught.. Its part of the challenge but I think Jagex knows if you logg in using the Tribot client, regardless if you've been reported or spotted.
  7. Last location before getting banned?: Falador - White Knight Castle Skill botted?: Combat - Strength Breaks or no? Not very often lol If so how long?: 5-7 hours How long did you bot per day?: Hours, 5-8hr same script, very flawless and human-like. Banned before?: No Type of ban?: Macroing minor, 2 day ban VPS/VPN/Proxy?: No Scripts Used? Master Fighter AIO Other Bots Used?: None How many bots at a time were being run?:1 Date banned?: April 15th Fresh account/Days acc used?: Fairly fresh account. Maybe about 2 weeks old suppose to be a 1 def pure
  8. i'l sell
  9. Bought premium version of script, seems like it works quite well. Only problem is my bot keeps withdrawing items, than banks all. Repeat. Can this be fixed somehow? Also, i was wondering there are any pre-sets available with this script. Would make this script sick, For example, Hill giants, Minotaur, Ice Warriors Rock crabs etc)..
  10. I can only transfer 5, but i sell. Pm me, please
  11. Okay, il see if that works. Whenever I try to set a path from to/from the bank it works but script stalls at the bank
  12. Looking for a simple combat script that you can just start & go. For example, like a Minotaur script that will bank and train without issues & do random events... Ive purchased a couple but the customized option doesn't seem to be working properly, loaded with pop ups, logs out, or don't even load. I wouldn't usually vent about something like this but the fact i payed $50 USD in script, neither are working. Thanks Script Names: [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Lite [GUI] [Range/Mage/Melee] Mute's Rock Crab Killer
  13. il buy right now
  14. Title says it all, paying 10m cash. Will go first if trusted seller, otherwise not. Pm me or leave post here. TIA