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    1. McCune


      Or, I told Paypal about your method of unauthorized transactions and scamming people and they said if you do it again your account will be deleted. 

  2. https://gyazo.com/9719679a17b33f55f8082ea799cee03d https://gyazo.com/acaf88621fa0fb449acf7b99685b58d2 https://gyazo.com/34617fb84bd83478b7c373ae91fd653b
  3. Got scammed of a guy named ryan lol on 39 usd..
  4. Add my skype: joelbjure Paying thru paypal!!!
  5. Add my skype: Joelbjure i buy 150m ..
  6. Add my skype to talk about a price. Not going with cheap ass prices tho so if ur looking to lowball me or make me go first, im not doing a deal Gl thanks. Skype: Joelbjure
  7. Thanks for the tips mate. But i know what to do and when to do it for a incredible low bann chance.
  8. Hey guys. The new seasonal DMM is coming, AND i will be the #1 Gold provider. I accept OSRS GP and Paypal verified only. After 2-4 Days of DMM i will be able to do alot of 100k-1m trades. 4-8 days i will be able to do 1-10m trades. Im currently looking for people who want to buy/swap the gold. I WILL NOT GO FIRST. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO KILL ME WHILE WE SWAPPING. Legit and swaps can be streamed. For contact: Add me on skype ( Joelbjure )
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