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    1. McCune


      Or, I told Paypal about your method of unauthorized transactions and scamming people and they said if you do it again your account will be deleted. 

  2. Thanks for the tips mate. But i know what to do and when to do it for a incredible low bann chance.
  3. Steaming while swapping. not while selling
  4. Hey guys. The new seasonal DMM is coming, AND i will be the #1 Gold provider. I accept OSRS GP and Paypal verified only. After 2-4 Days of DMM i will be able to do alot of 100k-1m trades. 4-8 days i will be able to do 1-10m trades. Im currently looking for people who want to buy/swap the gold. I WILL NOT GO FIRST. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO KILL ME WHILE WE SWAPPING. Legit and swaps can be streamed. For contact: Add me on skype ( Joelbjure )