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  1. I was streaming the Stars vs Wild last night and any time there was the commercial, the person streaming would switch it over to slither.io and everyone in the room got sooooo into watching this random dude play. He was good, too...always getting top 5. I downloaded it before the stream was over and ended up playing for a few hours. Damnit...I should've known what I was getting myself into.
  2. That's correct. Your path should look something like C:\Program Files(x86)\Java\jdk1.8XXX. Make sure it's not the \jre1.8XXX.
  3. There is no two-factor authentication for Skype, which is why I don't use it. Thanks for the advice though.
  4. Ever want to make sure no one is able to hack your TRiBot account? Or do you simply want a little extra piece of mind knowing your account, reputation, and scripts are secure? This tutorial will walk you through setting up Two-Factor Authentication for your TRiBot account. What is Two-Factor Authentication, anyways? Two-Factor Authentication is a security setting which enables you to require more than just your password in order to login to TRiBot. How To 1. At the top of the TRiBot forums page, click on your TRiBot account name for a drop-down menu then select Account Settings. Or you can just click on this link to take you to the same Account Settings page. 2. Select Two Factor Authentication in the left-hand menu. 3. To turn Two-Factor Authentication on, check the box next to the Enable option. 4. MOST IMPORTANT STEP: Write down your Backup Code in case you are unable to verify your identity with your phone or QR code. Store this code in a secure location, but make sure you are able to retrieve it.
  5. Would highly recommend trying to sing along with your mates after a fat spliff.
  6. The account I was going to try with is my main and I've decided against trusting any script I don't already know. Gonna try it on a different account really soon though. From the looks of it, the script will basically just do one farm for you, but I'll post how it goes.
  7. Last I tried this script, the log out from certain levels/when other player is skulled/when in wilderness options were not working. It would just log out no matter the player/location.
  8. Thanks so much for actually taking the time to make this. I'll test it out later today and let you know if I find any bugs.
  9. Sold
  10. If you still need, private message me.
  11. I personally have quite a few accounts I know I could sell with zero intention of recovering, but I don't believe there are nearly enough "trusted" people for this to be a thing.
  12. You could donate to get access to the Donator forums, some decent tips in there.
  13. You could probably find some decent, quick help if you post this over in /r/LearnPython.
  14. You do not install TRiBot, you run TRiBot. Here's a tutorial on how to do so: [PC] How To: Open the TRiBot_Loader.JAR file w/ Java [Pics]
  15. Post this as a request to /r/jailbreak and I bet someone would be able to make this into a theme. If you are able to jailbreak your device, it can install custom themes just like this. The most current iOS version does not have a jailbreak available yet, but we're actually kinda expecting one to come out within the next couple weeks though.