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  1. Listen her folks

    Want to know something? When you look for a bot... You want it to do exactly what it says. Not all this anti ban stuff that tries to confuse JAGEX. It probably increases your chances of being banned tbh... Examining items... Checking friends lists.. If you have a combat bot for example it should just do combat. All that extra stuff will probably result in a faster ban. The less "Antiban" features, the better.
  2. How do i make the script work? When I select the type of npc I wish to attack and press start, the bot GUI shows up, but does not attack.
  3. High alch ban rate?

    How did it work? Was it like an auto clicker or did it switch tabs
  4. High alch ban rate?

    Want to know if the banrate from high alch is high, especially on JJ autofighter because it uses the mouse to constantly switch between tabs and alch.
  5. Proxy not working?

    Tribot is all fine, but when I set a proxy, it won't let me log into runescape (connection timed out). The proxy works and I used a free one before and it worked fine (at first) then it stopped working along with every other proxy i try. Suggestions? (The one i'm using now is private) Edit: Tribot works with proxy when I don't use the built in proxy feature
  6. What does hidden glass do?

  7. What does hidden glass do?

    Also where do you download the 32bit version of jdk(I think that's the name) to run it? And when using normal client (was working) but when I got the vip trial it said "error connecting to world" when trying to log in via the client and wouldn't allow me to switch worlds.
  8. Hide main's ip?

    Alright, thanks you #1!
  9. Hide main's ip?

    So my bots will be on the proxy I put on tribot and my main will be able to run on my main IP?
  10. Hide main's ip?

    If I use a proxy on the tribot client, can I be on my main on normal os client without being on the proxy?
  11. PRICE CHECK #2

    Are you the real Ariana Grande
  12. PRICE CHECK #2

    Stats: 99 attack 99 defence 99 strength 99hp 70prayer 70mage 80range Items: Has fire cape, full ranger void, unholy book, 2 Dragon defenders, fighter torso, slayer helm imbued, 8m nmz points, tentacle whipQuests: over 140QP and all rfd subquests done besides the final boss (175QP needed)Extra: And a bit over 1450 total level @ 122 CombatAlso: has been caught botting and has a black mark. Anyone know how much this acc is worth?

    How can yahoo's 2 step auth be easily bypassed?
  14. How much would my account be worth?

    Ah thank you, was just curious. Even though I botted to max melee I still put a lot of time in the game and enjoy it too much to sell it.
  15. How much would my account be worth?

    Botted at ghouls until 70/70/70 then went to nightmare zone. Once i went there and got close to max melee I started leaving it on over night (went over board) and got banned at 99 99 98(hp) 98(def) (was close to 99 do wise though)