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  1. Anyone having problems with opening the script page? it keeps saying i need vip for more than one instance when I'm not even running any instances.
  2. i love the script and i have been using it for over two months... Got banned on a couple of account for betting more than 15+ hours..... Right now i see a couple of bugs with banking. Keeps saying i don't have food in the bank when i do and also it will automatically logout because it says my package has ran out even though i have lifetime. I sent you a couple messages on Skype regarding these issues but you may be busy at the moment. Keep up the good work mate!
  3. bug found while making steel bars on my 68 bar it stopped withdrawing coal from the bank and kept running back and fourth in edgevill furnace without any coal. Was working great for the first 5min
  4. hi i got a message saying... fatal error, can't web walk to the nearest bank. Also its fletching consistenly and would stop. I presume it may be a bug. Thanks.