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  1. Some people are reporting issues with LG but mine is working fine
  2. My LG is working fine?
  3. how complicated is this fix? its almost been a week
  4. I wouldn't bot magic
  5. can this script run its own games for exp only? without buying games?
  6. Last location before getting banned?: Castle Wars, I was playing legit, got dced and my account was disabled Skill botted?: Magic, stunning at Port Sarim jails. Breaks or no? Yes. If so how long?: 10-15 min breaks every few hours, also randomized it. I also babysat the bot and it would change worlds if someone came. How long did you bot per day?: 6-8 hours Banned before?: Got a 2 day moderate about a week ago. Had 2 Macroing major bans about a decade ago, after that I successfully botted a maxed pure with 99 dung and 13 99s on my main, almost maxed it out with all botting. Type of ban?: Macroing Major. Perm. VPS/VPN/Proxy?: (Yes / No/ Which) NO Scripts Used? TRI AIO Combat and Magic Other Bots Used?: Nope How many bots at a time were being run?: 1 Date banned?: March 24 Fresh account/Days acc used?: Fresh OSRS account, I played on it legit for the first few weeks. 10+ year account on RS3 They are really cracking down on banning bots. Back in the day, I botted 13 99s almost 24/7 and didn't get banned. I had 99 prayer, smithing, summoning, herblore, etc. I almost maxed out the account with straight 24/7 botting. I really didn't care about my account, RS was getting boring and I wanted to see if I could bot a maxed pure again. I am kinda sad I lost about $80 in chinese gold tho LOL. I am happy I got 99 magic for about a day before I got banned, it was nice wearing the skill cape again. Here is my advice from a guy who who has been playing since RSC, this doesnt refer to gold farmers. 1. Play legit on the account for the first few months. 2. Bot a few hours at a time and than play legit, doing a different activity. Switch it up. 3. Don't bot on an account you truly care about. 4. Don't bot at commonly used locations such as ghouls, experiments, rockcrabs, flesh eaters. Peace out Runescape homies.
  7. I have been using this script for awhile now and I love it. Its anti-ban is incredible and so human-like. - A satisfied customer.
  8. I am curious as well. You could easily get 99 herblore with fast exp/hour and profit with herb cleaning.