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  1. Can I block links from opening, so like example if i click " New user " button on login screen, it opens a new window in chrome and redirects to account creation page.. can i disable referrals on tribot?
  2. I did look but couldn't find anything for loginscreen
  3. So my broken due to a nullpointerexception, however I thought null covered? Example of line, if (i.getChild(0).getText() != null & i.getChild(0).getText().contains("Continue") || i.getChild(0).getText() != null & i.getChild(0).getText().contains("Next"))
  4. Solved, I used screen.getcolor detection to detect invalid response. Thank you for your replies appreciate your time :).
  5. I'm currently using my own login bot, but it seems as if the only way to identify and handle responses currently is through login.getloginresponse, now it detecs every other response such as " Banned, Free to play only, Locked " etc.. but for some strange reason doesn't detect the invalid response. So upon receiving the invalid response my script has no idea what to do.. As for the 5 failed attempts statement, that was just in regards to if I was to use tribots very own loginbot, it would just continue to attempt the same account numerous times.
  6. Okay using manual login you can feed the script multiple accounts to process through streamreader & account handler using loginbot isn't capable of processing multiple accounts under the same task/script.. When running multiple accounts that are processed multiple times you come across different responses, such as banned, f2p player only, members only, locked account & occasionally an invalid password, so that is why I need to use my own login handler plus the fact that tribots og handler tries to log in multiple times to an invalid password and then breaks.. If you read my message correctly I was just stating that login.getloginresponse was incompatible with invalid password.. Of course I know that (2 spaces) isn't the correct response, I was just showing the function used to identify login responses. Now you talk to me like I have no idea on what the hell I'm talking about, but yet this is my script & this is my issue? You should really be less aggressive at a attempt of proving your intelligence when you've completely misinterpreted my thread.
  7. Sorry but that information is completely irrelevant to the question I'm asking, appreciate your response though :).
  8. Hey so I'm currently experiencing an issue with incorrect passwords, as if (Login.getLoginResponse().contains(" ")) doesn't seem to pick up the invalid response, but will pick up everything else.. How can i set a handler for invalid response? I have to use manual login due to running a large number of accounts ( anyone with a goldfarm will understand ) & if I use loginbot, it will just continue trying the incorrect user 5 times and then stop the script regardless of progress or whether another account is available.
  9. @Einstein @wastedbro Thank you to the both of you for helping, I resorted in using conditional waiting within a wait until idle handler with the information you supplied, this way I could use " waitUntilIdle(); " within each action so it didn't execute unless previous task was complete, example code ( for anyone experiencing the same issue ) public boolean waitUntilIdle() { scriptStatus = "Waiting for idle"; return Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { @Override public boolean active() { General.sleep(10, 20); return Player.getAnimation() == -1 && !Player.isMoving(); } }, General.random(3000, 4000)); } Of course this will only work for tasks that include player movement, so if walking to bank, next task in place waits until idle/standing still.. but can easily be adjusted for other actions. to use waitUntilIdle within tasks simply add " waitUntilIdle(); "
  10. So for example, private void handleInBank() { scriptStatus = "Opening bank"; Banking.openBankBooth(); sleep(200); RSObject[] bank = Objects.find(30, "Bank chest"); if(bank.length < 1) return; bank[0].click(); } with conditional sleeping would be, private void handleInBank() { scriptStatus = "Opening bank"; Banking.openBankBooth(); sleep(200); RSObject[] bank = Objects.find(30, "Bank chest"); if(bank.length < 1) return; bank[0].click(); Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { public boolean active() { return Player.getAnimation() != -1; } }, 5000 ); } Also what imports do I need for using conditional sleeping
  11. How would I implement it to something such as, private void handleInBank() { scriptStatus = "Opening bank"; Banking.openBankBooth(); sleep(200); RSObject[] bank = Objects.find(30, "Bank chest"); if(bank.length < 1) return; bank[0].click(); } Sorry I've never used conditional timing before
  12. Okay so my script is working but it's just doing task after task without considering whether the first task is complete, I need to check if previous task is successful/complete.. at the moment it works, but occasionally gets ahead of its self and causes its self to break, example it will open bank, click deposit items, close bank, then sometimes repeat because it thinks it hasn't completed the task or.. it will open bank, go to deposit items assume it's already completed and close bank before depositting items.. another example, climbing stairs - it will climb first step, then attempt to climb first step again on second step, then climb second step and go to climb second step again on third step.. it's like spamming the task with no breaks, i've added sleep features but it doesn't seem to be fixing the issues.. I'm not sure how i would go about this but what I'm thinking is, climb step 1, (is step 1 complete?) if step 1 complete, climb step2, is step 2 complete, climb step 3.. I figured conditional waiting would be the solution, but haven't found any decent examples of usage.
  13. Haha I'll be harassing you on a daily basis then thanks again though appreciate it.
  14. You replied before my edit :P, I fixed through eclipse suggestions, " add unimplemented methods " via TutorialScript highlight.. It seems to fixed the issue but there was no misspelling or incorrect implementation :). Thank you for your help by the way, really appreciate it. Messagelistening07 is working smoothly now thanks :).
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