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  1. So yes tribot updated, pinbotstate stopped working, now tribot updates today my script doesnt work at all.. Have they changed the apI?
  2. VIP

    Purchased VIP twice today, first one worked, then bot updated, noticed I couldn't use local scripts, so repurchased and now nothing..
  3. okay so I run multiple bots on my vps's, it's time consuming getting every item from the botter banks & trading to my mule, was wondering if anyone could make a script which logs into a list of accounts, teleports to lumbridge, walks to bank, takes 28 items out of bank, trades over to mule, accepts trade, repeats process until banks empty & then logs out, repeat same process for next account..
  4. No I'm using manuallogin
  5. If my bot logs into a invalid account, it doesn't clear user/password it types over them causing incorrect password over & over again, I've tried using login.state to recognize incorrect login & select " try again ", then " cancel " to clear login, but since it doesn't recognize when to do so as it's unable to detect incorrect login.. it gets stuck.
  6. Okay so I've set my script so that if it logs into an account & the bank pin is set, but there's not a pin in account manager it logs out, however it only OCCASIONALLY works for some reason, sometimes it'll recognize there's a pin from welcome screen, then other times it wont.. CODE EXAMPLE private void handleWelcomeScreen() { scriptStatus = "Handling welcome screen"; RSInterfaceMaster[] ints = Interfaces.getAll(); for (RSInterfaceMaster i : ints) { RSInterfaceChild[] children = i.getChildren(); for (RSInterfaceChild c : children) { if (!c.getText().isEmpty()) { if (c.getUID() == 24772624 && c.getParentID() == 10813468) { if (c.getText() .contains("You do not have a Bank PIN. Please visit a bank if you would like one.")) { bankPinStatus = false; } else { bankPinStatus = true; } } } } } Also another question, is it possible if bank is opened with pin, to select " Exit " on the dialogue and log out?
  7. I'm struggling with a script I've made, add me on skype Jesus.morino. I'll be willing to pay for your time & help
  8. add me on skype I have a request please, will pay jesus.morino