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  1. Client not starting?

    lol i installed java 9 cause it also happened before i installed it so i tought installing java 9 will fix it after playing with the java versions it started working
  2. Client not starting?

    the loader does not start this window instantly pops up i have selected java 8 trought the properties still nothing
  3. Client not starting?

    so i tried to start Tribot i have java 8 and 9 installed and i still get this message https://gyazo.com/657457efb72a196c3ab8f7f7b2992ce1 I tried to run the bot trough cmd same error occurs https://gyazo.com/dfd96a6449ce78f9f3dba0f7105af52b
  4. Netami's Trade Accepter

    Is it possible to add banking?
  5. Link re added due being restricted from using adfly links
  6. i'm looking for more thats why the title is like that i'm experimenting and testing arround alot to make botting more easier for us and harder to detect for them just give me some more time!
  7. theyre random just add it to your break handler list to check it out
  8. the break.ini file makes your account bot for a certain time then sleep for a certain time example bot fletch for random times between 1hour and 5 hours then logs off and sleeps for 5 hours till 10 hours
  9. i need to pay my bread to..... and are you scared of it being a virus? then take a look at how your break andlers look like
  10. Hello to a new thread by me! I'm here to post something usefull, I've made a Break Profile wich i use from the day i downloaded TriBot I want to share this with my fellow botters since i have seen that alot of em where crying about their acc getting banned Yes i do know if you dont want to lose your main dont even bother botting on it but still i use this break.ini file wich is created by me to not gain a ban on neither my main nor my gold farmers. I've been botting for almost a month wich is long! Staff removed the original link so here is the new one MTgwMDAwMDAKMjE2MDAwMDAKMTQ0MDAwMDAKMTgwMDAwMDAKdHJ1ZQ== MTQ0MDAwMDAKMTgwMDAwMDAKMTA4MDAwMDAKMTQ0MDAwMDAKdHJ1ZQ== drag and drop the file in this path AppData\Roaming\.tribot\settings\break_profiles Also leave a reply if you still get banned
  11. Mause moves a bit to bot like :/
  12. ProBotterIamNoobs Smith Service!

    for offers sorry for being offline to long!
  13. Bought credits, didn't get them

    then wait for a response
  14. Bought credits, didn't get them

    @deviion i gues u better PM a staff member :/
  15. how many instants can I have