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  1. DragonDyce

    Proxy not working but works elsewhere

    dam, i checked all of these, and added the proxies to the view > firewall list and still error
  2. DragonDyce

    Proxy not working but works elsewhere

    ill try these things ty very much
  3. DragonDyce

    Proxy not working but works elsewhere

    i purchased proxy from limeproxies i get error couldnt connect when using the proxy but it works on another client i tried, i even had limeproxies give me a new proxy and still nothing but it works elsewhere, and its ip based not username based, i have the correct ip and port put in, and sockets are turned on. https://gyazo.com/0d52fccc3390401fc9a6bbca8d107b86 https://gyazo.com/e5fde5fefb5311c8c14c7e7fb1789c98
  4. DragonDyce

    Are Jmods Bluffing?

    the Arena has been a scary place for stakers since acorn started.
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  6. DragonDyce

    Trying to purchase credits via stripe

    im having the same problem, cards issued in the uk and im logging in with uk home ip address, and still getting same problem
  7. DragonDyce

    Problems Purchasing Credits

    i am trying to purchase credits with my credit card like i did last month and im getting the following message Payment failed: We cannot process this order because we suspect it may be fraudulent. But it is my credit card, i purchased credits last month, and i have money on my card, thanks for any help
  8. DragonDyce

    [FREE][AIO][ABC2] uSmelter - Ultimate Smelter

    whats up ukf goodluck mate
  9. DragonDyce

    [P] Purchasing a Private Script

    yea looking for the same things, anybody have one for sale ?