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    To Gamble in our IRC channel go to Dragondyce.co.uk/ connect in center of page
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  1. Dragondyce.co.uk or Dragondyce.net both take you to our site once there click on dicing, then connect to our chatroom for Dice, flowers, staking & blackjack, csgo gambling and poker coming soon Current CC: GG_Swap Current Swap Rates Rs3 to 07: 6 to 1 07 to Rs3: 1 to 5.1
  2. they have been hitting commission staking clans in rs3 hard the last 2 weeks, hopefully its true time to make some bank
  3. Seasonal Deadman Swapping is allowed again, its on rs forums, Sdmm to 07 1:15 07 to Sdmm 24:1 Nobody has better rates rs3 to 07: 6.1 to 1 07 to rs3: 1 to 5.2
  4. Spectral Giveaway Today between 5pm and 7pm Est (10pm-12am GMT) Dragondyce.net join our IRC chatroom at bottom of homepage.
  5. some of our giveaways we do every 20minutes, join <GpChat> cc for Gpswapping, or visit Dragondyce.net to gamble in Dice Duel, 55x2, Blackjack, Hot-Cold FLowers, Over/Under, and our most popular game Staking Simulator (Death Match)
  6. i paid this site almost a grand, and when there was something that needed sorting the owner went out of his way to add me on skype and resolve the problem, they're legit mate.
  7. <Gpchat> is our in game cc DragonDyce.net is our website, scroll down and join our IRC chatroom , for daily giveaways on our site and in our in game cc.
  8. taking bets, dragondyce.co.uk or Swiftirc #dragondyce, come check us out
  9. Current Swap Rates Rs3 to 07 6:1 07 to Rs3 1:5 giveaway every 20 minutes come check it out Dice Duels, 55x2, Over/Under, Blackjack, Hot/Cold Flowers/ Flower Poker, and our most popular game Staking Simulator (Death Match) SwiftIRC #dragondyce, or connect to our chatroom @ http://www.dragondyce.co.uk
  10. current cc <Rate Swag> Seasonal buy and sell swap rates buying 1:4 / selling 7:1
  11. someone turned 200m 07 into max cash, we had almost 100bill in 07 bets last month, took a few max cash 07 bets last week Csgo gambling using rsgp coming soon / and poker coming soon on our site. current clan chat <CoinShop>
  12. Current Gp Swap rates 6.5m rs3 =1m 07 1mill 07 =5.3m rs3 our rates are better then all competitors bogla,oakdice etc...
  13. Current Swap Rates 6.8m =1m 07 1m 07=5mill eoc If you need to swap join our Swiftirc Chatroom #dragondyce, or connect on our homepage @ Dragondyce.co.uk
  14. yea join our teamspeak [ Runescape.Teamspeak3.Com] and speak to me, to discuss buying rank