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  1. Means you will get banned at Summer :=) Why Release it when you can Make $$$$$$$$$$ out off it?
  2. Sorry. But you need to find this yourself! we cant feed you the info. Jagex may Watch this thread ?
  3. 80 + and I run someone on my Servers. that i rent for 25 Euro and i can run around 60-90 Each one... When you Talk about how many bots you can run. Rs only Use Ram and CPU. GPU isn't worth saying anything about.
  4. taraz

    Server discussion?

    Hi. You dont need 64 Cores. But i guess around 150+-. but Calc your script usage then u know that u have 128GB Ram. Then it will be like this... 128gb/0.4=320. You need to see how much the Script use. i use 0.386 bcs 0.256 doesnt work for a reson.
  5. Thats Tribot. they dont care ?
  6. yeah its been this since 2017 so not sure how they didnt find a fix yet.
  7. Do you ever get it? Me and my partner loseing so much time bcs off the freez? someone know a bypass?
  8. Hi. im going To try to start selling some Proxies. my price is 1-15 =30 dollar Each 16-25 =25 dollar Each 26-50+ =20 Dollar Each. if you going to buy more then 50+ Contact me! Only accepting 07GP ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ |My Policy to Buyers.| If you get a bann Dont blame me. the proxy should Be able to bot Tut island. My services should be 99% uptime. Contact me taraz_98#8488
  9. Do i really need to make a video about how to UNLOCK?
  10. What do you expect when you use a "BOT"? if u just unlock the account takes like 30 max 45 SEC! and ur account is fine. i did got an 99 Agility account with an locked account at first did last all the way to 99 Ip Flagging is a joke. they only Flagg DataCenter ips and if u use Home ips like Residential ips then you good would cost around 30$ dollar each.
  11. Then unlock the account Hope i did help ur 5 man army
  12. hello what is ur prices each? for bowstring and yew logs?
  13. it is i know it sounds very Fishy but it isnt Trust me
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