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  1. Web panel Help!

    Hello folks! I need someone to creat me auto unlock to my web Panel. I pay whatever needed
  2. Possible have the sources?
  3. [Open Source] FC Blue Dye Maker

    dont count Dyes made and dye per hour :/
  4. i can be your Tester if u need anything!
  5. Pickup hack?

    "pickup hack"
  6. f2p! easy script!

    Lol. expensiv....
  7. f2p! easy script!

    Looking for someone who can make me a script! Account Creation ---> do tut island ---> out off tut! then go collect stuff! if collected 500 then mule. mule logg off untill next request. "if acc banned then creat a new one.
  8. Doing a test for f2p bot

    Hello hello! i just tryed to bot fishing on f2p never logged since friday and bot is still running Edit: soon level 80 Still running From Friday
  9. Doing a test for f2p bot

    dont to be rude or something. but i did 76 fishing some couples accounts... so if u gonna do 95. i guess u should only bot weekends that what i did i have around 3 who survived botted 5... only 2 got banned... waited 3 days. and they still alive:P
  10. RSGP Massive Crashing?

    Which site? pm the site?