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  1. Hi. im going To try to start selling some Proxies. my price is 1-15 =30 dollar Each 16-25 =25 dollar Each 26-50+ =20 Dollar Each. if you going to buy more then 50+ Contact me! Only accepting 07GP ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ |My Policy to Buyers.| If you get a bann Dont blame me. the proxy should Be able to bot Tut island. My services should be 99% uptime. Contact me taraz_98#8488
  2. it is Dead. 0 people are selling right now. It is prime on Twitch. not anymore maybe next year who knows..
  3. Hello. i still have tons off accounts left. but im going to use them myself.
  4. taraz

    Accounts keep getting locked

    Do i really need to make a video about how to UNLOCK?
  5. taraz

    Accounts keep getting locked

    What do you expect when you use a "BOT"? if u just unlock the account takes like 30 max 45 SEC! and ur account is fine. i did got an 99 Agility account with an locked account at first did last all the way to 99 Ip Flagging is a joke. they only Flagg DataCenter ips and if u use Home ips like Residential ips then you good would cost around 30$ dollar each.
  6. taraz

    Accounts keep getting locked

    Then unlock the account Hope i did help ur 5 man army
  7. im Paying in Twitch prime accounts for this. (How many you want, The amount is no problemo! Hunter Account Creation ---> Tut Island ---> Get Bird Bird snare from Mule and Box Trap ---> 1-9 Crimson Swift 9-15 Copper Longtail 15-20 Ruby Harvest/Copper Longtail 20-25 Tropical Wagtail 25-41 Cerculean Twitch & Saphire Glacials 41-43 Prickly Kebbits 43-63 Spotted & Dark Kebbits ----> Start the quest "Eagles' Peak" ----> When Lvl (63) Start 63-99 Red Chinchompas --> Mule every Hour. --> all Mule's Muling to a ADVANCE MULING Blast Furnace Account Creation ---> Tut Island ---> Do The Giant Dwarf ---> Get 30 Smithing ---> Go to Blast Furnace and start botting --> When out Restock the Bars and get Coins from Mule--> Mule once per Hour! --- Advance Mule (Mule from all Mukes)
  8. This can only be used ONCE PER ACCOUNT https://selly.gg/@taraz98 |Price can be higher then other thats bcs i replace those who dosent work! | 99% sure that they work. if not pm me! 1-499 Account = 500k 500+ Accounts = 350k 1000+ Accounts = 200k I can make up to 6000+- accounts per day. I use some myself. —————- Stripe or Rs gp! Discord: taraz_98#8488 skype: srhrich You will also get the following on RS3 - - Exclusive Umbral Armour - Exclusive Flame Blade Weapon - Exclusive Umbral Crassian Companion Pet - 2 Umbral Chests (guaranteed super-rare prize) - 15 Treasure Hunter Keys - 200 RuneCoins And the following on OSRS - - Early access to Purple Player Skin in Old School RuneScape
  9. When will Mule Come out?
  10. taraz

    Web panel Help!

    Hello folks! I need someone to creat me auto unlock to my web Panel. I pay whatever needed