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  1. dannylee

    TRiBot Release 9.230_0

    Hey @TRiLeZ, I don't really do this but I'm kind of concerned that I had purchaed 8 credits for VIP EXTENDED, and it didn't even come in yet and it's been like 2 hours:/. please help me out! Sorry to annoy you, have a good day.
  2. Hey, you should add an option for normal combat potions aswell
  3. Nvm it's cause I didnt have the plate set in the bank, sorry! thanks again:)
  4. Hey i've been using this script for a bit now, just started using this again and everytime I start the script, within 5-10seconds it'll just stop and end the script. :/
  5. Love the script, no bugs at all, works flawless, thanks for your help, 70-90str in like 1 week and a a half, good job. Anyone that's experiencing bugs just doesn't know how to set it up properly