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  1. Errshnip. I recommend ruffski. He did 25mil in quests for me. Fastest quest was 6 mins longest was about 25 mins. Check out my vouch on his forum. For real. If you want the definition of.qp powerlevel he's your man.
  2. I just spent a total of 27m for this man. He is THE fastest questerry I know. He completed 12+quests for me with all access to my bank. Fastest uest he completed was 6 mins.(p2p quest) longest a single quest took him was maybe 25 mins. This guy is the definition of QP powerleveling. I have 25 more quests to go and I will be using him and only him again. To top the off he's friendly!! Again my dude, thank you for your legit service. Big big vouch. Feel free to post the pics of my quests u completed
  3. Fantastic service, completed between a rock for me in no time at all. left a 45m bank on my account and no worries what so ever. will be buyin multiple quests from him now!!!
  4. add my skype, if ur prices are right ill buy multiple quests... cody.cmb
  5. if needed i can supply whatever needed, along with membership....botted and or unbotted just need the job done...post your price 59 agility 34 construction 70 cooking 61 crafting 65 defence 49 farming 50 firemaking 62 fishing 50 fletching 57 herblore 27 hunter 66 magic 60 mining 50 prayer 60 ranged 50 runecrafting 42 slayer 65 smithing 50 str 58 thieving woodcutting 71