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  1. Pretty sure someone said 81/82 was as far as they got before getting hit with the hammer. Haven't been home too much but we coming up on 84 fishing now :).
  2. But I gotta flex my suicide run
  3. Any chance we'll get sigs for this script?
  4. tvu2142

    WTB Runescape botting guide

    Your IP could be flagged. Are you botting using brand new accounts off tutorial island? They're sure to get flagged.
  5. Walking as been messing up constantly today. Reset the profile. I've cleared tribot cache and rs cache 3 times. For rockcrabs it'll walk off as usual to make them aggro again but now it's not walking back.
  6. tvu2142

    TRiBot Release 10.4_0

    Did delete hooks and cache then restart tribot twice?
  7. Honestly wish there was a fix for this. I'd gladly buy it.
  8. tvu2142

    TRiBot Release 10.0_0

    None of my premium scripts are working since the client updated. One starts but does nothing while the others setting won't even detect things in game.
  9. tvu2142

    Scripts won't load after new update

    Delete hooks and jagex cache then restart the client.
  10. There was recently an update. You have to wait on tribot to update.
  11. I wouldn't do it unless you're ok losing the account.
  12. tvu2142

    Looking Glass

    I've NEVER experienced a ban while using LG. Exact same methods but without got a banned somewhat quick off LG. Buuut it's honestly all personal preference around here. Some will swear up and down that LG is good while others will say it makes no difference or w/e. I prefer LG due to my own experiences though :).