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  1. Pretty sure someone said 81/82 was as far as they got before getting hit with the hammer. Haven't been home too much but we coming up on 84 fishing now :).
  2. Solid write up though I do disagree with a lot of it but it might help some people out.
  3. Your IP could be flagged. Are you botting using brand new accounts off tutorial island? They're sure to get flagged.
  4. Tribot has some quality scripts as none of my pures have been banned over the years. Wouldn't risk skilling using public scripts besides maybe using encodes ore Einsteins stuff.
  5. A homie helped me out with most of the privates but Slayer, prayer, Con, thieving, mining, and agility I had to pay out my ass lol. Almost done with RC though by hand
  6. Didn't use tribot for hardly anything besides combat, fishing, and smith. Rest was privates.
  7. dbol+T twice a week 7 week cycle then off with proper pct All natural XD
  8. goddamn and I thought my main was sick... How long did all this take?
  9. I agree with that and it depends on how many people are using the script as well. Which is why privates are the best.
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