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  1. I had this too, I had to switch to another payment method. I spoke with USA about this and appearantly once the anti-fraud marks you as fraudulent, there's nothing you can do.
  2. Darkpower

    need a good scripter

    Dude you're really off on this one. You have to understand that coding requires more work than just "makebot pickpocket the guy" just that would require multiple lines of coding.... It's a lot longer than you expect. For a talented scripter, you shouldn't be paying him 7$ an hour of work... If you want a high quality script, you have to be ready to pay what the scripter deserves. For someone who's talented I would expect to pay them at least 20$/hr. It all depends on what you're willing to spend and what kind of quality work you want. People really underestimate how long a scripter has to work for "such simple stuff"
  3. Darkpower

    Why does Looking Glass make Tribot so slow?

    Maybe it's your java version, it used to run really slow, did java updates and now it's very smooth
  4. Darkpower

    [P] Need private Pest Control script

    I want mine to be different from the others and private. I don't mind paying extra
  5. Darkpower

    [P] Need private Pest Control script

    Request: - Pest Control script Description: - It should be able to get decent xp per hour from killing the monsters at the pest control (defend knight / kill mobs around portals) I would also want it to switch boats depending on activity (example: sometimes at night the level 100 pc boat has only 1 boat going so you have to wait 4-5 minutes per game so it would just go to a lower level one) Payment Amount: - We can talk about price, I'm ready to pay good for a good script. Time: - Asap would be best. Additional: - we'll talk over skype ---------------------- we don't want any GUI or whatsoever. all we want is the script to work. julien.quirion
  6. anyone using this running the looking glass?
  7. Hey I used to use this script alot and as you can see from signature, I made quite alot using it. I have recently built many staking accounts and was wondering if the giving gap glitch was fixed. It wasn't with the script itself but with tribot settings that I had to delete often for it to stop giving gap. Also only 2/3 of my computers were doing that glitch. My question is : Have you ever found out what has been causing this? (java 64-32 bit? ect ect) My other question is: Does this script now work flawlessly? My last question is: Does this work with looking glass?
  8. Man I have bought this script probs a year ago still haven't got to use it for a good session, but now is the time, how well does it go with looking glass atm ? Cuz some other scripts i've been using through looking glass seemed a bit slow/lots of afking
  9. haha love it I didn't get banned and botted for about 3 weeks 24-7 everytime bot stopped it was cuz of update/power outtage. Made 1.2m+/hr all day since no one was on
  10. not really I made like 8m in 3 hours manually accepting first trade while watching series on netflix
  11. Damn why do people pk there? I'm legit risking 10k in runes.... 1 hour of running the script and avoided 26 pkers... making me only get 2 kills per hour..
  12. Hey - I'm kind of new to runescape scripting and Java in general so I'm unaware if it is possible w/ TriBot's API to have Tribot open if the client is minimized when a certain event (trade, stake, etc) occurs.
  13. Darkpower

    Assume staker auth disappeared

    Thanks man
  14. Darkpower

    Assume staker auth disappeared

    I think that's what happend, but for some reason I can't find the activate button anywhere... :/