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  1. No one will hit me with better odds, I won't go in unless I have at least 56% odds. i'm down 2600m in profitable spots this week... i asked this guy to have a conversation about gambling with me and i didn't even get a response. as I've stated, I'm not going to share any of my methods with you. I haven't responded because I haven't been on this forum for a while. You can ask any of the big gold sellers such as: r2p bogla probemas won gold Arcus BGPSales I've sold each one of the countless amount of gold in the past 2 years
  2. Fedora stakers, and here it's as much as 50%... so rip half my profits
  3. nah didnt find the motivation to update this I'm still making really good money staking and just upgraded my pc so I could stake on 50 accounts at once if people are still interested in me bragging about my profits maybe ill do it. Now I have my own company registered with the government for taxes.
  4. Just added another 500$ profits
  5. Of course I am, it wouldn't be so constant haha
  6. not luck when you have odds on 12 different accounts. I try to go in with at least 56% at the end of the day being down is kinda impossible at this point...
  7. Never happend, been up every day so far for about 200-1b/day
  8. Because, you have no idea how I do my odds or what kind of accounts you need... You can't really steal my methode hehe don't let your dreams be dreams!
  9. My goal is to be able to pay my uni & a house by the time I'm done I've started staking on August 28th 2015. profits made so far 6,034$ CAD, roughly 4600$ USD
  10. I want mine to be different from the others and private. I don't mind paying extra
  11. Request: - Pest Control script Description: - It should be able to get decent xp per hour from killing the monsters at the pest control (defend knight / kill mobs around portals) I would also want it to switch boats depending on activity (example: sometimes at night the level 100 pc boat has only 1 boat going so you have to wait 4-5 minutes per game so it would just go to a lower level one) Payment Amount: - We can talk about price, I'm ready to pay good for a good script. Time: - Asap would be best. Additional: - we'll talk over skype ---------------------- we don't want any GUI or whatsoever. all we want is the script to work. julien.quirion
  12. anyone using this running the looking glass?
  13. Tips for creating stakers: Make sure they can self-host in NMZ. This skips the process and the cost of finding a host. Train your melee stats in nightmare zone using prayer, once you have decent enough defence\stats you should stop pray potting and just do normal mode with absorbs and overloads. Range - Range is good for stakers, higher range = higher hp. I normally do dwarf cannon on each of my stakers, cannon to 45 range @ rock crabs (I do in diff spot but I won't tell.) This should take an hour or so for 45 range. Then from 45 range chin to whatever range (90+ if your 90+ strength). hope this helped
  14. talking to you on skype, buying 10 credits
  15. Hey I used to use this script alot and as you can see from signature, I made quite alot using it. I have recently built many staking accounts and was wondering if the giving gap glitch was fixed. It wasn't with the script itself but with tribot settings that I had to delete often for it to stop giving gap. Also only 2/3 of my computers were doing that glitch. My question is : Have you ever found out what has been causing this? (java 64-32 bit? ect ect) My other question is: Does this script now work flawlessly? My last question is: Does this work with looking glass?