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  1. Hi guys, For those of you who do not "suicidebot" When do you play on your bot account ? Before a boting session, inbetween them or after ? Also, do you guys use multiple script on the same bot, for exemple woodcutting script + combat script ? or fish + wood script and you do the combat by hand ? what you guys think ?
  2. choboteam

    Best PREMIUM Combat Script right now?

    I like the JJ combat +1. Not sure if it has all the features you need.
  3. choboteam

    Transfer Gold/Items Between Bots

    Found your answer in another post : If you trade under couple of millions, its safe. Not sure if you do it a lot tho, in one day.
  4. Good job on the guide, will help a lot the newcomers!
  5. You can use maxthon with proxies to create account. After that you can use tribot LG with the same proxy you used like iFluffee said.
  6. choboteam

    Is there any way to know when Break handler end

    Ty and found the other post. Where you basically said the same thing but all the answers are there.
  7. I was wondering if there is a way to know when the break handler end (even with the randomness). If it's possible to make an action before it logs out. (need it in my script) Thanks!
  8. choboteam

    Auto Woodcutter

    Cool and I dont know for how long you have been a botter but you have 2 post total..
  9. choboteam

    [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Pro [6$ per 3 instances]

    Would be nice to have a radius indicator when you start the script. I am not sure what is the difference between 25 and 15 on the map.
  10. choboteam

    Whats a good place to buy proxy's

    No, I tried to use free proxy So I could do some testing with my own script. It was laggy as hell. ALso they are probably alrady flaged/used by boter. Just invest 5 $ a buy a good private one from montreal or virmach in the proxy section of this site.
  11. I would like if you can update this free version and maybe just remove the banking. Im curently runing JJfighter pro and I love it but I need more then 3 instance. I need 4 LOL. Curently rotating but it's a pain. I have to use USA fighter and I found it to be the second best script for combat + its free.
  12. Was about to buy 1 auth but now im scared..
  13. USe a proxy, use lg, dont bot for more then 4 hours in a row. This script is good but it will not do magic, botting is tricky nowadays.
  14. @Usa This script is so good. Please usa I beg you, make a low cost paid version of this script once you are done with lavadragon. Maybe add abcv2 and some option like afk timing and world hop. Please man
  15. choboteam

    [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Pro [6$ per 3 instances]

    Happens to me too. Also, is there an option to reduce the speed of the bot to make it look more afkish. abc2 ?
  16. @Druid unusual request: Option to cut wood slower. I feel like it dosent afk at all. even with antiban cheked. I do not mind cutting wood slower if it last longer you know. usual request: ABC2 implementation Other then that. VERY good script. I notice a ton of antiban stuff. Feels very unbotlike exept the speed/afk thing.
  17. hey, I am really noob at runescape ( the game itself) Do you need to be a member for this script to work?
  18. choboteam

    can you minimize your tribot windows ?

    http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11148950/how-to-detect-jframe-window-minimize-and-maximize-events How many brain cells left ? In my java class I am actualy learning sutff like this. I guess the client dosent use that since no one seems to care.
  19. Or can jagex detect that you are performing actions while minimized thus using script ?
  20. choboteam

    can you minimize your tribot windows ?

    So there is no jagex minimize detection stuff ? I read that somewhere.
  21. choboteam

    can you minimize your tribot windows ?

    I want to minimize but im scared jagex will find out LOL