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  1. This is the generic message they always send. Does not really mean that the client is detetable.
  2. I like the JJ combat +1. Not sure if it has all the features you need.
  3. Found it, Interfaces.get(90, 27)
  4. I have seen you post everywhere bro. You where very helpfull. You will be missed.
  5. So u just wanted a main ? why all the stugle just play the game ?
  6. is it still Interfaces.get(90, 25), I doesn't find it in the Interface Explorer ty for the answers!
  7. Combat.getWildernessLevel() always return 0; Tried multiple stuff and never return the wilderness level. Can someone take a look? Thanks!
  8. same issue, account logged in keep dc and can't log in on other accounts. probably osrs server problem, maybe ddos time is back
  9. As long as I am not a newbotter anymore im fine
  10. Found your answer in another post : If you trade under couple of millions, its safe. Not sure if you do it a lot tho, in one day.
  11. Good job on the guide, will help a lot the newcomers!
  12. you guys really think it'll be that bad for us?