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  1. full void, venge 90range 42 def 52 prayer
  2. this script just does not work at all why the fuck can you even buy this? First of all it keeps teleporting back to varrock for reasons as getting more suplies , hopping worlds or just random shit i dont know i cant even get it to toss one chin by its self cant belive i gave you 6 dollars for this XD
  3. Payment failed: We cannot process this order because we suspect it may be fraudulent. same here bought 4 times before this with no problems at all... help plix
  4. oh and one more thing , how do i get it to show the nmz picture like almost every one else has?
  5. So far had great expirience with this script while training , now trying out the selling method so far 10/10
  6. Hi there i ran some tests with this script and i just keep dying all the time in 5 deaths the scripts is maybe able to kill zulrah once and i have total kc of 3k playing legit so yeah was testing this with an account made just for this (90 range 90 mage) void trident of the swamp blowpipe setup , with occult and fury switch and ranger and inifinty boots and the script is performing really poorly , i would like to have my money back ty