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  1. Everything is working, thank you! we get compensation for VIP extended users, correct?
  2. Thank you, Seemed it was LG that was the problem.
  3. I am using looking glass, and it still cancels it after 3 or 4 actions.
  4. Good go to a different botting site, msg me your details. i'll gladly take your account if its a waste of money. Also it's still a issue of all my scripts keep stopping.
  5. Every time bot tries to use gold bar on furnace, it cancels the script. This is with sapphire rings by the way.
  6. Whenever i click on the proxy setting to insert my proxy, once i type in one thing, it just dissaprears. then i tried to go to proxy editor and did it there, and it's not showing up either. please help.
  7. Hey, i recommend you make higher end quests, alot of these easy quests have bots made for them. very helpful quests would be. --- The Fued Ghosts Ahoy Holy Grail The knights Sword Merlins Crystal The Digsite. Then you can eventually make people pay for it, and many people will!
  8. I just got a sock5 proxy, set it up so i can browse under hidden ip, i created these 2 accounts using this Browser, i then used Tribot proxy option and put the same exact proxy info down, then 5 minutes in they get locked under suspicion of stolen account? please help!
  9. I will do it, what are you willing to pay.
  10. I finally got the option to open with java, it is working now. thank you very much.
  11. I think I got it, thank you.
  12. Now when I download it it's just, Tribot_loader, there is no .jar, and it looks like it has books on the side of it, not a folder.
  13. I bought VIP, first i downloaded ltest, java. and JDK 8. i download tribot.jar, then extracted folder. but i don't see where to run it. i have windows 8.