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  1. Updated script so it doesn't hop to deadman worlds etc.
  2. Updated to v1.3: Script has been rewritten and tested. If you find a bug, please post here using the proper format (see first page).
  3. Currently, it does not support world hopping to deadman, high risk, pvp, and tournament worlds. Did you get everything figured out? If not, please check the first page.
  4. It seems to only happen if your account has less than 65 thieving. If someone can PM me their account info, I can fix it quickly. My account has 65+ thieving.
  5. Updated to v1.11: Everything should be better all around.Improved blackjacking and double double hit technique.Fixed luring in and out of buildings.Hops to another world if other people are blackjacking in your building.I did not get to fully test under level 65. If there is a problem, I may need to borrow an account. I did not test with looking glass, but I assume it still won't work well due to some of TRiBot's methods being slow when using LG.