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  1. auto attack on or off? I see someone else talk about it. Whats the longest you have run this?
  2. Have you tested this with range? If so how did it do? What settings would you use?
  3. I guess this needs to be taken down cause I almost bought it and fell into the trap above..
  4. I can link all data here, but I felt it was smarter to do so through message as it will be fast.
  5. Messaged you on discord cause now there is another problem.
  6. If I am being honest with you, I said all that I felt you needed for you to need to look into this as I read most of your posts before typing. I didn't want to waste your time, and even tested a whole fresh load before I did it again and made sure it was fine. If you would like, we can speak on discord and you can see for yourself. I will be more than happy to show all of it to you so that you can see exactly what it is doing as it JUST did it again. (Note, you can see this in text, but I mean this all in a constructive way, and yes pun intended.)
  7. At this point in time I feel this is dangerous and would suggest looking into it. It will continue to do this until there is a reason given to it to stop such as you coming in and manually changing it.
  8. After many tests, its still trying to do that but only with Wooden Chair set up and I have no idea as to why, I would like to see if you could check up on this please.
  9. Character getting stuck when working on Wooden Chairs. It will go to exchange them from notes, it will then get stuck right after and try and use the planks on the portal for no reason. I have gone through your messages here and done the things you have told others to do to fix things, and it did nothing at all.
  10. I saw it, but I like to message and await the author to step in and defend or ignore my message. Its a rule of thumb of mine when it comes to these kinds of things. Take it as me being a bit over cautious with my buying choices. I will use it later this month or next and reply back to you about anything I find. I hope you continue to work with the community and make more scripts in the future.
  11. Hey Worthy, how is this working? Do you have this up and running? I am asking cause around half way through this month I plan on trying this out and I wanted to ask you before I wasted my time and chanced my bot with it lol
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