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  1. Yep thanks guys can't send them, guess I will wait for 100 post without spamming
  2. Ive been in & out of this community for a while now, is it still "100 post count - then you can send credits"? I don't have 100 post but I have 4 credits I wanna get rid of,
  3. I haven't been on in a while till today, I have 4 credits but not sure if I can transfer them yet
  4. They are but I need to get 100 post before I can transfer them.
  5. Rs3 is trash though
  6. Added you on Skype.
  7. Title says it all. Looking to sell 4 credits for 800kea. I will only go first to trusted users only - if not you will go first.
  8. I added you on Skype.
  9. Title says it all. I need 43-83 hunter done on my ironman ASAP. NO BOTTING! I can/will pay with 07gp or PayPal. Post a price & how long it will take and I will contact you.
  10. @RsNewBorn, you quoted me but I never said what was quoted.......weird!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  11. Download Chrome & try to play.
  12. Is there any other way to transfer them?
  13. Title says it all. Will only go first to trusted users. Post below or pm me on here in you are interested.
  14. I will talk to you on Skype when I get home from work.
  15. Can you estimate a time frame for each of the rewards? I want all 3.