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Everything posted by ibot4funn

  1. I remember it was not recommended to use it since it didn't work very well, is this still the case?
  2. Will this guide load the RS client with the same ip as the proxy? I've tried manually entering in the proxy through firefox but it doesnt seem to load the client with the proxy ip. @iFluffee
  3. Been trying to load a rs client with a proxy to use with LG but it looks like it keeps using my own ip to load the client, I know once you add a proxy through LG it will use that but I want to load it up with the same proxy just to be safe. Can anyone help me with this?
  4. ibot4funn

    How to load a client with proxy for LG?

    Would you happen to have a link? cant seem to find it
  5. ibot4funn

    Cant run scripts.

    Is the script you're trying to run premium?
  6. ibot4funn

    TRiBot Moderator Recruitment

    Are applications still being accepted?
  7. if im only going to be power mining do i need to buy premium?
  8. ibot4funn

    Goblin Event

    I dont think you can attack them
  9. Is the looting not working or is it just me?
  10. keeps standing there and saying switching to default weapon/shield once it does dbx special
  11. Will this script stand at a certain spot and drink pray and ovl while someone is luring for you?
  12. Relax..they do support you just need to be patient.
  13. Does it support absorption as well now?
  14. ibot4funn

    Random changed ids?

    Woke up to two of my accounts teleported to white wolf mountain, has jagex changed an id or is it just my luck?
  15. Awsome, it still doesnt attack monsters if it gets stuck
  16. Is it just me or is looting broken? Edit: restarted tribot and fixed.
  17. Should make a failsafe for if it gets stuck behind a wall or something when its trying to attack the monster
  18. please add a failsafe for swarm in the next update, it never does it
  19. My client also keeps freezing every couple hours, tried giving 1k ram still no help, other scripts i use go on for 24/7