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  1. @Sphiinx added!
  2. I have tried downloading a iso file but when i boot up my computer, there's no option to download it. I'm most likely downloading it wrong since I suck at this.
  3. So I was downloading ubuntu to try it out and I ended up completely deleting windows off my computer. I called Lenevo and they said they would need to send me a CD and it would cost me 70 dollars. I'm not very tech savy so I would appreciate anyones help on how to make the CD my self, may even throw in a free firecape!
  4. Thanks for the info, do you have a skype? I'd like to talk about purchasing
  5. I've heard if your proxy port isn't 1080 that it's likely that it's being shared, is this true?
  6. Its most likely a two day ban, it just says 1 day since the timer has already started. If you try to log onto RS3 it will tell you how long your exactly banned for.
  7. Is the script you're trying to run premium?
  8. 1. Have my own Firecape service on tribot and other forums with over 200 orders completed. 2. I work very well with others and have great customer support. 3. Depends on the amount. 4. English is my first language. 5. I am willing to commit my self for a while.
  9. add me on skype
  10. no
  11. You can purchase it after each other
  12. is rs3 fight caves for firecape still the same or did they change it?
  13. Yea some people give no fucks lol, i've done over 200 firecapes and yet only have 80+ feedback