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  1. I remember it was not recommended to use it since it didn't work very well, is this still the case?
  2. Thank You Tribot #1

    added @Butta
  3. Thank You Tribot #1

    Can i have some advice @Butta
  4. Will this guide load the RS client with the same ip as the proxy? I've tried manually entering in the proxy through firefox but it doesnt seem to load the client with the proxy ip. @iFluffee
  5. How to load a client with proxy for LG?

    Would you happen to have a link? cant seem to find it
  6. Been trying to load a rs client with a proxy to use with LG but it looks like it keeps using my own ip to load the client, I know once you add a proxy through LG it will use that but I want to load it up with the same proxy just to be safe. Can anyone help me with this?
  7. Can anyone help me download Windows?

    @Sphiinx added!
  8. Can anyone help me download Windows?

    I have tried downloading a iso file but when i boot up my computer, there's no option to download it. I'm most likely downloading it wrong since I suck at this.
  9. Can anyone help me download Windows?

    So I was downloading ubuntu to try it out and I ended up completely deleting windows off my computer. I called Lenevo and they said they would need to send me a CD and it would cost me 70 dollars. I'm not very tech savy so I would appreciate anyones help on how to make the CD my self, may even throw in a free firecape!