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  1. Goodbye, Magic Catz.
  2. Doesn't looking glass only support Osbuddy?
  3. If you got banned on Sythe for scaming I believe you get banned on here. Also, is that account considered a ban evader then? I believe if you get unbanned from Sythe though you'll be allowed to Tribot without condition @YoHoJo @Mute can someone help clarify?
  4. To clarify, I suggest giving them acess to looking glass, but not access to run free scripts like VIP people. This would get more donators, and still VIPs. the level of donator could be discussed but no higher than $20 in my opinion. Or just looking glass, available for all
  5. A goldseller price isn't cheap, the title is bait. This price is what i'd relate to many chinese goldseller websites, if you want to make sales i'd sugguest lowering profit margins quite a bit. Still profit, but at that price "cheap" is a lie. Not trying to be rude! Just helping!
  6. Get a private script made, low bans + you'll make profit more over time!
  7. Good he's banned, rip.
  8. I don't know, check. https://tribot.org/repository/
  9. I kinda like you too <3 Just trying to get along with people that's all! You sir on the other-hand seem smart and polite and awesome! <3
  10. Some scripts already implement this, but yeah fair enough.
  11. Pay to advertise, don't just come to our community and annoy us with shitty private servers.
  12. Thanks man! Looks alright, I'm gonna learn off it!
  13. I have some spare time while watching the lcs, I could.
  14. Ahh Trilez did it for the Monkfish then. Nah you got hacked bro, grow up and realize how many active people there are on here, you did some stupid stuff and got hacked. Tribot isn't 4k people tryna hack the odd 1 or 2 guys