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  1. For simply not responding to disputes like this, whether or not they have any validity in them. I am in contact with the Admin of that site and he has requested that I go over each dispute (some of them I've seen already as he linked some, and some are something as simple as the person paid twice) but that I need to respond to each one. So I'm doing just that once I get ahold of a mod over there who can help link me, as this was brought to my attention on here (TriBot) and now on another site which I will not name. This same person here even posted over there as well, the same exact topic when he was told that this was a PayPal hold that was put on by PayPal immediately after he paid. We ask that customers instead contact us by the support ticket system and not on the runescape botting forums. It's easier for us to track down who you are, what your problem is, and is best way for us to help fix what's going on. We would never not deliver a single proxy order. If PayPal holds the payment as soon as you pay it (it does happen, called a temporary hold, initiated by PayPal itself, more than likely to ask you a) did you make this payment? and b ) what are you buying? Sometimes the hold is gone within a day, sometimes its not. Opening a dispute on top of it doesn't help either. I don't think PayPal shows the customer that its on hold or has a temporary hold, it shows the transaction as "completed" but on our end we see "Temporary hold" - its completely misleading on PayPal's behalf and I can see why someone would be upset about it, but if we didn't get the payment, and our system doesn't recognize a payment as being cleared, then how could the automated system deliver the proxy? Hint: It can't!
  2. You can remove his posts if you'd like, don't want to crowd up the original topic. He can freely message me if he'd like and I'll take a look. As far as being on topic, I went ahead and attached everything I found in regards to what may have happened here. Thanks!
  3. If you want to private message me your email used on our site, I'll gladly look into it and update this post here with my findings to verify what you are saying. Thanks
  4. If you're trying to change the proxies for no legitimate reason (meaning they're working and we can test them and see they're working), then we usually don't offer a 'free exchange' - some people try to get 2x the proxies for the price of 1 by using the first set of proxies and then try to get a swap on them 2 days after buying them. That is how you actually burn your IPs and we don't support that. If you were told to wait 2 weeks, it is likely you were trying to change your proxies early (before you're allowed to) or already had changed them previously. I am unsure of that specifically. We have nothing to hide, our policies again, are the same as they've always been. If a proxy is not working, we will fix or replace it, always, 100%. If the proxy is working though, and its operator error as to why you can't get it to work, we don't generally replace a proxy for that reason.
  5. Hello, If the proxy didn't work, we would always give you a replacement (if we could verify its not working). From what I noticed, proxies get locked *after* logging in, not usually before and they're usually brand new accounts on tutorial island. If it's before, it might be a previously leveled account (as in an account with stats) and jagex is trying to prevent the account from unauthorized usage and you simply just unlock it and keep it going? Those are 2 different issues. If your proxies didn't work we always have the ability for you to change them straight from your client area if they're eligible for it you simply select the proxies and swap them. You don't even need to contact us to do that at all. The auto payment subscription is just how our business works, you literally get notified about it when you're about to pay. The simple solution is to just cancel the subscription after (if you prefer to manually pay the bill) or cancel from our site and that would end the subscription as well. We would always replace any proxies that are not working and that we can verify are not working. That is always been our policy. In addition, as I said, you can always change on your own (no support ticket needed) from client area.
  6. Hello, We are not "shady" in any way. Please let us know how you feel that we are "shady" - our policies and terms are in alignment with most of the major companies (we are a major proxy provider for many businesses, individual users, etc). Also, the issue is not always with the proxy, Jagex *does* check proxies during tutorial island so we advise clients to use proxies *after* an account has been ran through tutorial island for the best results. Sometimes it doesn't matter, sometimes it does. We constantly get new IP blocks so I am not sure what you're saying exactly. Jagex has gotten better at detecting cheaters in this game, just because you get banned does not mean its the proxy fault. It's more than likely that Jagex is banning you for breaking their terms of service - aka Botting. No matter how far botting innovation will go, Jagex can, to some degree, detect cheating at some level. If you get locked during tutorial island, then that is the proxy itself, but it does indeed happen (at random) during tutorial island, hence our recommendation above. We're not here to deceive, scam, or otherwise mislead people about our services. We abide by our terms of service which again are pretty standard across most businesses in our type and in the hosting industry. We always look to help any client who opens a support ticket. Some customers will remain happy and some will never be satisfied (the nature of business), but we still do our best. This case here is outlined in the above replies on what seems to have happened because since we have auto delivery on socks proxies, there is no way the proxy would not get delivered automatically after payment has cleared (meaning no holds, no disputes, no other reasons). We're not here to scam anyone over $3.00. I'm pretty sure we'd be out of business if that was our MO.
  7. In regards to anyone who's upset it's generally because its related to either one of two issues which we do our best to guide customers on (seen below). We have received tons of botters on our system, and the vast majority of them are satisfied. Anyone who isn't satisfied we do our best to get it right, but sometimes the botters don't understand how proxies work or how jagex handles/deals with proxies (again, see below). 1) They can't get the proxies to work - most of the time its them entering them incorrectly or Jagex is flagging their tutorial island accounts or they get banned for you know, running cheating software in a game that is sophisticated enough to detect such cheating to a degree. We always ask that customers do the tutorial islands by hand or through their home IP and then bot further on the proxy IPs. This mitigates that issue. 2) Billing - our billing is monthly, like every other proxy site for the most part. Subscriptions are enabled for PayPal payments (not bitcoin). You can easily cancel on our website and it cancels the subscription automatically, however you can double check on your own by following these instructions: Click the Profile icon next to "Log Out" and select Profile and settings. Select My money. In the Automatic payments section, click Manage automatic payments. Select the merchant whose agreement you want to cancel and click Cancel. Click Cancel Profile to confirm your request.
  8. Hey @ImGucci We generally do not do support on bot sites anymore, we only do it through our support ticket system. We cannot always connect the transaction to the customer and to minimize the amount of time it takes for something to be resolved, we always ask that everyone post on our support ticket system.The orders are instantly delivered and always instantly delivered unless the following happens (which is really common occurrence): 1) PayPal puts a hold on the payment - which the customer has to then contact PayPal to get removed. Either this happened or #2. This is 100% out of our control. E-checks happen when a PayPal payment is made and you don't have the funds to cover it. 2) You instantly made a dispute on the payment before our system could deliver. We're not going to give you a proxy on an open dispute - the system will mark it as "Suspended" automatically. 3) That specific location was out of stock and we try to catch the stock drops and setup new IPs for those areas when it happens, but it happens when we get a large order (sometimes multiple orders of 100+ IPs per day will do this to you). Since delivery is automatic on socks proxies, there is no reason you wouldn't receive the proxy unless one of the 3 issues happened. I can confirm it wasn't #3. -- After looking up the initial discussion with you on this in the dispute, we informed you that Paypal indeed put the payment on hold (it's random, we have no clue why PayPal will sometimes put a temporary hold on the payment for as low as $3. THEY DO and we're not even notified of it. Our system will just not count it as a payment because it is in a PENDING state). This is 100% not our fault and we asked you to contact PayPal to get the hold removed and boom, the payment gets processed and your proxy is good to go. Our delivery is 100% automatic for socks proxies unless one of the issues above happens. #1 and #2 are out of our control. It seems that #1 is what happened here, it is NEVER our intention to not delivery your order and we're not here to scam ANYONE.
  9. I know I'm correct - its okay though. On to the next person, this guy was one of those customers you just can't satisfy no matter what you do. Every business that's successful has those customers.
  10. We work with a ton of these guys, the existing bots would decently well. Why are you making your own?
  11. Hi, To correct you: There was never any cancellation of your services on our website at all, ever. This is a cold hard fact. I will ask that if the moderators don't agree with me, then an admin should review this. You clearly only left a feedback because you were not refunded, the timing suggests it. That's it. The product/service worked. We delivered it to you on time and even went beyond and out of our way to help you. You wanted us to price match specs to a 3rd party, ancient looking, poor website that looked like they ran servers out of their house on 2008 hardware. This is not something we were willing to do, and we're not in the business of price matching when our prices are already low for the services we provide. In reference to our scummy service, I do recall us installing the bot software for you + setting it up. I think you claimed to be able to set up an operating system on your own, and I offered the option of doing it yourself, which you rejected and we went ahead and did it. Then a bit after you starting using it, you are unable to unzip a file (although you claim to be able to install an operating system) - either there's some incompetency level in basic server management, or you were misleading in your ability to install an operating system. I informed you that this was out of scope and not included in our package, but assuming you knew what you were doing, you should've been totally capable of doing it on your own (our servers are self managed for this reason). I then went ahead, manually logged in, and installed what you needed to please you (mind you: out of scope, not covered by our self-managed policy) and still you were unhappy saying "I just won't use it" even though I completely went out of my way to help you and installed it for you. It seems like you were looking to smear our name for your inability to unzip a file on a Linux server. We still went beyond what we normally do (which we are known to do sometimes on a case by case basis, such as when people ask us to install OSBuddy and it's out of scope as well). I will let the administration handle this going further since I've provided them everything necessary to see what can be done about this.
  12. Hi, if you notice, the cancellation button does work, because you did indeed cancel the service on 5/3 after you got charged. So the button definitely does work, we can see that. Please make sure the Paypal subscription is also cancelled on your end just to be safe. You never once cancelled our service. Please refrain from posting in our topic anymore simply you are a case of "I forgot to cancel the service after it charged me" which we cannot do anything for. I do apologize that you forgot to cancel, but our service is a monthly service therefore it is charged monthly. In the future, you can either pay using Bitcoin, RSGP, or even just actually cancel the subscription instantly. Either way, good luck. I posted the proof of you not cancelling so we wish to end communication with you on this matter and ask that you do not post in our topics anymore. We do our best to help everyone, but this is a case where simply it is not our fault and not our issue.
  13. Hi, I will gladly check into this for you. Can you PM me your name on our website? We always respond. Our customer service is not poor, it's actually pretty great :). Do not post in this topic going forward, this is for our VPSFish.com services though. Thanks. EDIT: Your proxy is working and was fixed prior to you posting this. I have however PM'd you separately as well and responded there. You never cancelled on our website, here is the proof of that:
  14. Hi Proteus, The other person posting here was helped in every instance and guided with proper answers and checking of everything - despite him trying to say otherwise, the support tickets show everything. I am not sure what more to say to him as I personally reviewed the tickets. Like here, I reviewed your ticket/order and found out what really happened here. In some cases, the customer is simply wrong. This is one of those cases. The evidence supports it and again, I will reiterate, our billing system acted accordingly and performed as expected - by properly charging you because it is a recurring monthly subscription for our VPS products. There was never any cancellation made before the charge occured, EVER. Your feedback is harshly made because we didn't refund you for a payment that was SUPPOSED to be charged to you. It's really as simple as that, we did literally nothing wrong here. I would request that the feedback be removed since you are only making the feedback now because of the charge that was made to you (and was supposed to be made to you). Nothing else is applicable to the feedback you made, judging by the timing of it. You could have posted your feedback long ago if you felt anything else or any other way. It's super suspicious and I hope the feedback system isn't continuously abused and honest and legitimate providers like myself get punished for such. I will let a mod further review what I have posted (though it's already been sent in private to them) and see what they say going forward. I do not believe we've done anything wrong here at all to warrant such feedback.
  15. Hi, There was NEVER (this is fact - our system doesn't lie) a cancellation made on our website or to the Paypal subscription on your behalf until after the charge was made. I think the likely conclusion can be made that your feedback was made due to not receiving a refund when there was no refund to be given. We charged you because it is a monthly subscription - we also charged you because you never cancelled at all. We did absolutely nothing wrong here despite what the mods (and yourself) made it out to be. I am requesting that the feedback be removed as this feedback came and was centered around this entire dispute over a refund that he was not entitled to at all and we acted within normal policies of any website. I also request some apologies from the staff for over assuming what simply is just not true. We are an honest business (bigger than any and all of the small resellers combined on this website) and have nothing to gain by posting this. EDIT: There is no "issue" on our end, you just never cancelled the service or the charges, so our billing system does what it's supposed to do - like any normal web hosting company that has a recurring subscription model (like 98% of them have it or offer it) - charge you for the next month of service. This entire post was us being painted in a light by mods and yourself that is entirely untrue, inaccurate, and false. Your feedback was only posted when we said you wouldn't get a refund. You were not giving us a feedback for anything else, otherwise you would've done that 29 days ago, or immediately after ordering, or sometime within that point. You simply are abusing the feedback system in attempt to smear my name for something that was your issue. You simply did not cancel anything - not the service, not the paypal subscription. None of it. This is not "our issue" - we are an honest business.
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