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  1. Hahaha! Definitely not! Thanks again,
  2. Wow! There you go! I had a quick look for PayPal payment options, but i must have completely missed that! Thanks @iFluffee
  3. Hi Guys, When i attempt to purchase credits, i'm prompted with "your card has been declined as this is suspected fraudulent" I've just set up a BTC account, however i have to verify a bank transfer before i can deposit money, and in turn buy credits. can someone sell me credits, and ill pay via Paypal? Looking to get VIP as soon as possible. Thanks.
  4. I also have just received the same issue. I have purchased VIP in the past, Same card. Strange. Two people in under a few hours.
  5. The content here is amazing, undeniably. I'm currently reading through "scripting best practices" and "approved scripter submissions" by some of the scriptwriters and admins here. Its really exciting to see the standards and quality of work thats expected. Looking forward to putting something together, Any suggestions on a best way to submit a script for constructive review, without submitting a request for 'scripter status'?
  6. Hi Guys, I'm pretty new to these parts. I work doing IT, and spend a large amount of my Career automating everything i can. It didn't take me long to start wanting to automate games. I've spent time here and there looking into scripts for Bot', but nothing serious up until now. Most of my skills are in Networking/Network security, however, i spent time writing small scripts in Powershell, Python and a few years back entry level Android Apps (Java). I've picked up 'ye old "sams teach yourself Java" book and begun looking over the Tribot API for the first time. Id love to be able to strengthen my Java whilst contributing constructively to a community. Has anyone else started scripting from a beginner point of view, and recently found some forms of success? id be interested on hearing feedback, opinion and any advice TLDR; I'm new, any scripters out there got some advise for a beginner?
  7. Thanks for the shout out Excellent read, as always well done.
  8. @iFluffee - I've tried both methods. Both have the same issue. Is there a difference im unaware of? @FALSkills - I'm following the 256 + 128 rule for each extra tab. This is correct yes?
  9. Hi guys. I find when starting a script on a new client, quite often it simply clicks the 'login button, but then never proceeds to login and start the script. If I close tribot and reopen, it generally fixes it. Sometimes it requires a couple of restarts. What information would I best have to supply to get this evaluated? Is there a client log file I should be providing? -All of my VM's are on Ubuntu 14.04 server. -Java Jre 8 -3 tabs open on each VM -4 cores/3GB RAM for each VM
  10. @iFluffee Love you're work! I'm really surprised with the results though. For such a crucial anti-ban I'm surprised with the lack of flexibility. I know there is a lot of hard work into this application, so no criticisms intended. I'm just surprised. Thanks Again
  11. "You could set up the repeating break cycle you wanted" @iFluffee , Do I just enable 'repeat' on the last time entry? Will that repeat the whole break sequence? (Or just the last entry)
  12. Did anything come from it? Looks to be a dead discussion now. Id love to see this in action. Does Tribot have an API for adding personal 'add-ins' to the client itself? If so, it would be worth starting a project to re-develop the Break handler. Just a thought.
  13. Hi Guys, I'm aware that the Break Handler contains a 'repeat' option. does this simply repeat the 'single break' selected, or does it start the whole break cycle again? im looking for either a way to: A: create a 24 hour break handler, that sleeps for 8-12 hours and then works for 12 hours (with breaks of course) But i would like to leave this running and have it 'repeat' the cycle after 24 hours. B: in some way specify the times the bot can actually bot; ie From 7AM until 7PM with breaks. then sleep for the night. If this isn't a feature yet, to be able to control breaks in this way; id love to see it! What options are available? I've had a look at the Break handler tutorials, but i haven't seen anything specifying 'advanced' or 'in depth' tweaking of handlers. If i've missed something simple, feel free to pint me that direction. Ta Thanks for reading.
  14. @iFluffee I can give you a hand with your NAT+VPN if you need it. Amazing script. I haven't tested this, but I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 with LXDE-core installed. I set up my VMS last week.. Wish I saw this script then. It took me a while to work out how to get xllvnc to autostart. Since it's built for Debian, I'll assume this will work for Ubuntu server also? I might give it a run next server install. (I'd assume only repos would be different if anything)
  15. Confirmed, AHK script was a winner! great job. as always.