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  1. no one will tell you the script they use, and the method etc... but ye gl man
  2. hmm 300k/h with firestrike must be also with looting bag tho:O im assuming:p the looting bag helps alot that's decent
  3. hi may i ask, how much is lava dragons per hour profit? and how are the bans?
  4. yeh thanks for this mate thanks:)
  5. guys i need help please If i was to make a 'lava dragon account' what requirments do i need? And also, what gear on me, supplies (food etc.. ) pls tell me either quote me on the thread or you can priv message me <3 ty
  6. Gl with your new service =)
  7. @gabrielbilodeau1 depends really mate bc if you have other stuff in background that will use your ram/cpu usages so ye
  8. @MrFlyyy gl on your new services mate + i added your skype:)
  9. @chad0ck gl with your new website mate all the best !!!
  10. Really really sorry for the loss of your bank bro, all good mate stay positive and rebuild you got this you'll rebuild hopefully dw man lets go!
  11. @loekie hey mate tbh i doubt any one will tell 'anyone' there personally money making methods, and there is no such thing as probs 'low ban rates' probs his however botting is a risk of you getting banned despite the method you're botting so ye just stay active on forums get tips/tricks from ppl here and there and just test different methods and see what works best for you buddy best advice probs i can give you gl bro
  12. @mnosz ahh damn man that sucks idk then bro hmm gl trying to fix it
  13. @k1llerfrognz if its under the same tribot account now you're on and purchased them on k1llerfrognz then i have no idea thats weird but hopefully u get them back - and welcome back
  14. @SMT haha mate gl with your new 07 gambling fc im assuming 07 atleast and ye ddyce days were good as man sad to see them go