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  1. @J M C I followed that link but im not getting any results. anything else you might be able to add? I just got a zulrah script that i don't want to waste.
  2. So from java i go to jdk1.8.0_73. hit bin, hit javaw, but then it just closes and nothing. This is the weirdest thing
  3. My spam email so i don't forget my username haha. Is windows 64 or windows 86 best? I'm a Marine by trade so computers are pretty foreign to me. Thanks for your response
  4. i appreciate your guy's help. i downloaded the windows 86 java version, and now it pops up in "open with" option. however, now the file just flickers black and closes in the blink of an eye. ill be honest, im technologically retarded so this is likely entirely user error
  5. As you can probably guess, im having some issues getting tribot to work properly. I'll just walk through what i've done, and the issues i'm encountering. Went to tribot.org and hit download. little download blip at the bottom pops up and i click. it asks me what i want to open file with. gives me a few options like internet explorer, microsoft word, paint, etc. however i'm working off a windows 10 dell PC, and internet explorer is not an app download. whenever i click on the downloaded tribot_loader.jar file, and click open, it routes me right back to downloads. when i try to open in internet explorer, it just closes out. I have zero clue as to what is happening. i've deleted the tribot files multiple times and nothing is working. yes i have the up to date java Thanks in advance file screenshots.docx