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  1. EasyBlastMine beta

    Rest in pieces.
  2. Doing a test for f2p bot

    I've been always interested how far could you get with a f2p bot. I have personally never even tried to bot f2p because the moneymaking methods suck. However, I just realized that (power)fishing trout/salmon in f2p is actually decent XP. If I can create tons of accounts for FREE and get them to 95+ fishing in f2p and wait out a couple of weeks to make sure that they're safe, they could really become handy if I make them p2p and suicide minnows with them. I'll keep you updated.
  3. Doing a test for f2p bot

    Thanks for the kind words friends. :- ) Account is still running, 45 Fishing and I have like 10 hours of shrimps/anchovies left before I can sell them thru GE. Then I'll sell them to GE and buy feathers. If I get that far I'll bank trouts/salmons for the first couple of days and then start powerfishing when I get enough money.
  4. Doing a test for f2p bot

    Thanks for the kind words.
  5. EasyBlastMine beta

    Nice. A few minutes ago it got stuck in "Collecting blasted ore". It was just hovering the floor where the blasted mine is supposed to appear even though there was nothing. GP/H was low so it had been there for a while. Restarted the script manually. Edit: After 30min runtime, got stuck there again, just hovering the ground where the blasted ore is supposed to apprear.
  6. EasyBlastMine beta

    The script just stopped at banking, some error about dynamites, even though I have 10k of them. Leaving the script running while going to bed. Fingers crossed.
  7. EasyBlastMine beta

    By the way, this script doesn't collect the ore. That's perfectly fine, but I was wondering is there some kind of limit how much the guy can store xp or ore before you collect them? Edit: Nvm I researched it and the script actually collects them and you have to collect them when you have 450 of any ore ready.
  8. EasyBlastMine beta

    Alright, I have been using it for 20 minutes, and for some reason it gets stuck at the thing where you deposit the ore and the status is: Excavating rock.
  9. Client of Kourend [Open Source]

    I will try this in a couple of hours and let you know how it went.
  10. EasyBlastMine beta

    Does this have any kind of antiban?
  11. You're correct, granite is pretty bad too if you want to disable abcl2 and get fast xp.
  12. Got my IRL stuff out of the way. Starting a new pure which I will train my combat, PK and quest legitimately and train skills with Aropupu's scripts. Lets see how far we can get! Day 1: (Started with 4M loan from a friend.)
  13. I have tried to play with the settings but it always deposits my worn gear?
  14. AIO Raid script

    pls make i need free dont have moneys.
  15. Suggestion: Add ardy cloak fairy ring teleport method. It's faster than varrock tab and it's 100% free.
  16. It still stops after my Ahrim's hood degrades. [07:41:52] FINISH MSG: Out of Ahrim's hood (4708) For some reason it only happens with the hood and before it stops it says "Withdrawing ranged gear."
  17. I have no fucking clue why it does this. Sometimes it runs OK, sometimes just dies over and over again without killing anything. 100% same settings, account stats etc. ATM I'm paying 40$/month + proxies and p2p to lose money.
  18. [15:26:17] FINISH MSG: Out of Ahrim's hood (4708) How can I fix it stopping after my hood degrades?