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  1. Nice that we get new AIO premium woodcutters every week! Glad to see our talented programmers use their time for a skill that makes like 150k gp/h. Nah but really I'll probably buy a month every now and then to level accounts for runite mining or to get lunars on my zulrah accounts.
  2. Bought another 8 credits, thanks for the quick n easy deal.
  3. Someone quote me when this has the rogue gear obtaining support.
  4. I've done 60-70 @ Seers on 2 accounts in the last couple of days. :- ) No issues.
  5. It still gets stuck at selecting spell after dying in a previous run. Opens the autocast select interface and then just idles there. @erickho123
  6. I'm dry for ~600kills now. Going to bow towards Zul-andra for 3 times tonight before going to bed. Profit snake pls.
  7. [FREE] nBarrows Return

    Lots of whining in the old thread that it doesn't work. I'll run it on one of my zulrah accounts tonight and post feedback.
  8. Request: Custom made Zulrah accounts!

    That's a lot of information, nice thread. Good luck finding someone.
  9. Nice to see some competition for Arctic especially when RSGP is going up. :- ) Will buy some from you once I'm back home on the 2nd of January.
  10. any update on the zamorak imbued cape issue? ;_;
  11. Request for Refund on OSRS Dax Hunter

    You're correct that there isn't a script for everything but the ones that are still alive are by far better than from other platforms.
  12. ahhhhhhhhhhhh why does it give this red X? Only happens on 1 of my pcs, I have tried to delete whole tribot folder. Imbued zammy cape btw
  13. I'd say it's human-like.
  14. I'm pretty sure a 250 quest point maxed main with 5hrs/day lasts a bit longer than a 15 quest point account with 18hrs/day.
  15. I wonder why people still use looking glass. :thinking: I have done multiple maxed zerkers/pures + tons of other 99s and had decent goldfarm accounts and I've never used LG.
  16. [Free][Open Source] nCastle Wars

    Hey, I haven't played castle wars in almost 12 years. Is it possible to high alch in the waiting room or in the actual game? Would be really nice feature to add alching if it's possible.
  17. How does the custom house route bank/travel thing work? I'm wondering if it's worth to get 76 agility or not. Is there any way to efficiently run it trough a POH if you have 76 agility and access to fairy rings?
  18. Got a double visage drop, uncut onyx like 10 kills after. On an account with 78 magic.
  19. Seer's ring (i) is +12 Magic bonus. Archer's ring (i) is +8 Ranged bonus. The bot really only benefits from recoils/suffering when the snakelings are on you and it's only a small part of the whole zulrah kill. Maybe you could just add a feature where users can set up the gear with lets say Seer's ring and then the bot would automatically grab 1-2 recoils from bank on each trip and wear the recoil when the snakelings spawn. After the snakelings are dead switch back to the Seer's ring.
  20. Does the script support other rings than recoils and then just switching to them when the little snakes spawn? +12 mage bonus from ring slot and item worth 600k would be amazing.