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  1. Nice that we get new AIO premium woodcutters every week! Glad to see our talented programmers use their time for a skill that makes like 150k gp/h. Nah but really I'll probably buy a month every now and then to level accounts for runite mining or to get lunars on my zulrah accounts.
  2. Bought another 8 credits, thanks for the quick n easy deal.
  3. Someone quote me when this has the rogue gear obtaining support.
  4. I've done 60-70 @ Seers on 2 accounts in the last couple of days. :- ) No issues.
  5. It still gets stuck at selecting spell after dying in a previous run. Opens the autocast select interface and then just idles there. @erickho123
  6. I'm dry for ~600kills now. Going to bow towards Zul-andra for 3 times tonight before going to bed. Profit snake pls.
  7. [FREE] nBarrows Return

    Lots of whining in the old thread that it doesn't work. I'll run it on one of my zulrah accounts tonight and post feedback.
  8. Request: Custom made Zulrah accounts!

    That's a lot of information, nice thread. Good luck finding someone.
  9. Nice to see some competition for Arctic especially when RSGP is going up. :- ) Will buy some from you once I'm back home on the 2nd of January.
  10. any update on the zamorak imbued cape issue? ;_;