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  1. I got the gate bug once again today. zz why did I buy this again LOL
  2. 85 Agility on the noobie account, 98 on my "main".
  3. Thinking about making a couple of zulrah accounts, what is the best travel method for doing this? Also, do people use Ava's accumulator switch, is it worth it?
  4. nah nigga
  5. 30HP is fine. @Usa please try to fix the stuck gate bug. It only happens when using trident. After banking, it kills 1 Dragon, loots 1 item and goes to the gate and gets stuck. Status; Clicking tile outside of isle.
  6. I always just sell the gold straight from my bot accounts to avoid this lol.
  7. You get tasks manually and then use presets to kill the monsters?
  8. @Usa The gate bug only happens when using trident.
  9. Did you use trident on the accounts? Seems like my trident account always gets stuck there, fire strike acc has been running for 5 hours now without getting stuck. Such a shame if USA is not going to fix the script.
  10. 1-68 Mining in a couple of days on a fresh account using this. Not any problems whatsoever. Will go for 85 or 99.
  11. Script needs to be babysitted atm, gets stuck outside the gate every 30min-1hr. Always need to restart the script/client to fix it.