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  1. You couldn't be more wrong lmao.
  2. I'm the kind of brainless idiot that has made 3k$ from botting in the last 50 days. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. You need to be one giant retard to bot green dragons with an account that has elite diaries done.
  4. neek3ri

    Jagex is banning based just on total time played

    first it was ": D" w/o the space but I hate the smiley face this forum makes
  5. Doesn't effect me at all. However, I can see a shitload of people leaving to other platforms.
  6. neek3ri

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    Did you bot 1-97 and does the account have other stats/quests?
  7. neek3ri

    [P][R][I] Ammonite Crab AFKer

    Description: Ammonite crabs are the best version of sand/rock crabs located in a fairly new and unknown area called fossil island. The script itself would be simple, go into the spot and afk until the monsters are no longer aggressive, then reset the aggro, also eating food when HP is below x. Personally I would use this script on accounts with defence level so I wouldn't need any other features, but some possible features that come in to mind are: Using the nearby bank to grab more food Potion support World hopping if crashed Picking ammo and other loot Payment Amount: I'm ready to pay 25-125 credits for a private version of this script depending on the features, anti-ban and completion time. However, I think this would be a really nice idea for a new premium script as it would get a lot of sales.
  8. neek3ri

    Donation centre down?

    I'm looking to change my forums username and IIRC it requires a donation title/group. Went to check how much I would have to donate, but the page isn't working.
  9. neek3ri

    There is any post for good antiban practices?