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  1. filthyfrank

    Allow or deny

    allow it cos you a playa
  2. filthyfrank

    [P] Private progressive agility script with custom anti-ban

    Dont you only get 250k/h at high levels? (seers agility)
  3. filthyfrank

    [P] Private progressive agility script with custom anti-ban

    you really into agility huh. lmao
  4. filthyfrank

    Stupid question about botting

    For me i personally believe you get 'marked' or put on 'a list' if you get 2 day banned. But many people also believe theres no difference.
  5. filthyfrank

    Liam's Simple NMZ

    The last time this script was updated was 2 years ago, you are better off using nNmz by @Naton https://tribot.org/forums/topic/73924-free-abc2-dynamic-signatures-nnightmare-zone-v2-completely-rewritten-the-ultimate-free-nmz-script-80-hour-proggy/
  6. Screenshot inventory, equipment tab and settings please
  7. Do you have bracelet equipped? You usually need to manually equip with charges and it should work fine
  8. Not sure if its happening to everyone also, script is stopping after using burning amulet to lava maze
  9. filthyfrank

    WTB Runescape botting guide

    Dont bot new runescape accounts lol, play legit on them first (if you plan to make it your main) You only bot new accounts if you are mass gold farming.
  10. I have had it teleport back to lava maze while it has loot in inventory, thought it would be fixed but still reoccuring, although not as often. Walking problems see to happen after new daxwalker implemented, that cant be helped unless @daxmagex improves it You need to enable prayers for it to go to portal, although i hope next time there would be a update for it to go portal everytime w/o using prayer
  11. filthyfrank

    Low quality.

    If you complain about not enough free scripts then obviously you havent tried @Naton's scripts. From his back then free crabkkiller, to his free NMZ and now you got what, magic and herblore and and the upcoming slayer script.
  12. filthyfrank

    mouse recorder for TRiBot?

    There was one but sadly its broken, hopefully a scripter will pick those kind of 'genre' of scripts up again
  13. it happens to me only on dark beasts, as its the furthest away from other revs. Not sure about whole cave though as i usually focus on lower area
  14. 1. It hops post death to avoid same world that you died, although sometimes it will stay in same world because some pkers switch worlds/wont stay in the same world after killing/wiping caves. 2. If it hops world whilst running back to the caves means there were pkers camping cave entrance Basically if it hops worlds, it hops with reason aka pkers nearby
  15. Does that only occur when going for Dark beast? I've had the same issue and @godspower33 is working on a fix for it already I just had the same issue, i suggest people who are running the script to babysit for awhile until an update/hotfix is pushed
  16. damn you cray, how did you deal with supplies ending tho?
  17. Hi, if using salve ammy, start it at clan wars (based on ss doesnt seem like you are in clan wars)
  18. filthyfrank

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

  19. yeah paint bug, it teleports to ge
  20. 85 ranged 40def, have salve ei
  21. working great edit: definitely working great after update!
  22. filthyfrank

    Need Help!

    Tribot no longer supports RS3 after latest update (like last week), you were a tad too late xd
  23. filthyfrank

    Lifetime scripts gone

    Sorry for the news ;(