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  1. https://i.imgur.com/9UU44Ku.gifv tada
  2. i losete all amy accunts cuz ia am a bi g boi farm3r i m vary saed lolz
  3. Few hours remain for primes, prices will be increased once promotion is over
  4. If im not wrong, the 'expire in' isn't accurate. Someone can correct me if im wrong
  5. Definitely interested in something like this, good for ironmans and gp/hr
  6. use osbuddy cross platform 32 bit java u211/212
  7. hey mate you need 100 posts to transfer/sell credits cheers mate
  8. netamiscripts(.)com/barrows/users/potoghi.png
  9. VIP bots? you mean premium scripts? You still have to pay for those. Being vip allows you to use free scripts without limits. Hope that clears anything
  10. runelite sucks ass, osbuddy #1
  11. osbuddy for lg has been fixed, use that instead
  12. filthyfrank


    used this for all my accounts, very good adam very good
  13. Just so you know, rune arrows + msb(i) is way cheaper and u get almost same exp from using blowpipe
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