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  1. well, if u actually went to check .. it expires a year after the offence has been given
  2. For my case it resulted in another ban pretty quick but I have read that others continued botting with no bans whatsoever so take my experience with a grain of salt
  3. [18:33:44] The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Stopping script (1). Message: 0 ;(
  4. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/79257-repository-down-for-maintenance/?tab=comments#comment-935935 friend its literally on frontpage
  5. pls roll me like a baguette
  6. Before trading over gp, make sure you soak in detergent or bleach and rinse it cleanly. Jokes aside, ive never been banned for trading mule > main unless on dirty proxy/high amounts
  7. prices have been revised, come come lelong lelong
  8. Twitch prime accounts for sale, buy more = better prices, will try to beat competitors prices, pm me (Servers are up again, able to claim w/o issue)
  9. Up and selling, servers are okay now to claim
  10. Up and selling, urge all potential customers to add me on discord! jim #7970
  11. filthyfrank


    Torso leeching price same as bandos cp... Either get bandos cp with the money or just do torso legit, takes 6 to 8 hrs or so
  12. why would a hacker spam the forum with posts seemingly like they/you were trying to get post count up instead of spamming forum with phishing/virus links? better to admit and start afresh then keep up with some shitty lie omegalUl
  13. 1 - 500k 50 or more - 450k 100 or more - 425k 200 or more - 400k Pm me on discord (jim#7970) or on Tribot, I will try my best to reply you ASAP My timezone is GMT+8
  14. Yes I have a small gold farm myself (1 acc) thanks to the great @godspower33 and his scripts! Yo ill pm you my PayPal, send me the amount we agreed on @godspower33
  15. you know it doesnt matter what he bought with right, bans are random, you can be 2277 legit and get banned after botting 1 hr
  16. what script? using lg? vps or own computer?
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