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Everything posted by filthyfrank

  1. Looks awesome, will run it and post proggies
  2. filthyfrank

    VIp & Extended

    Only vip extended
  3. Cant seem to send you messages too, monkaS
  4. filthyfrank

    30 days membership = 500k OSRS gp

    Selling HANDMADE twitch prime accounts for 30 days of membership Price: 500k Stock: 255 Pm me on forums or add discord: jim#7970 My timezone is GMT+8 and im online mostly from 7am - 11pm
  5. filthyfrank


    someone watched kempQs video..
  6. filthyfrank

    im tired of seeing commercials about people with cancer

    Maybe because you have it hence you are getting alot of those ads..
  7. filthyfrank

    Selling 1B $0.80/M

    Paypal? Crypto?
  8. Server rebooted because of DMM i assume, script working fine, just that client might not have relogin-ed
  9. filthyfrank

    after updating to java 11 bot do not start

    hey buddy, calm down no worries, we're here to help First of all, you need Java 8 not 11 are you able to select via the drop down box shown here? Select JDK (32 bit) if you are trying to use looking glass
  10. Can confirm this resolves the annoying issue which I hope in the future it will get fixed/patched
  11. filthyfrank

    TRiBot Release 10.12_2

    LG working fine for me.. honestly not sure whats the fuss about
  12. OP has scammed people off site before, and known to exaggerate whatever he says, be wary
  13. Damn, imagine buying something and reporting it 2 weeks later that it isn't working as intended.. What a nice guy for gods to entertain you lol
  14. filthyfrank

    [Suggestion] Best Antiban yet

    yikes, only specific tablet and $25/month for macro recorder
  15. jfc what resolution is your monitor LOL
  16. filthyfrank


    you say you get billed monthly but you aint vip you goon
  17. filthyfrank

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    Sry 4 loss
  18. filthyfrank

    Hacked within a week of using Tribot

    so you managed to set everything properly yourself, get a script and had no issues with it but yet you managed to get yourself hacked because you fell for a phishing scam? yikes
  19. filthyfrank

    Hacked within a week of using Tribot

    i mean im sure you did something before using tribot, care to share? exilent client? fake runelite client? double xp sign up? popular streamer giveaway/quitting stream? fake mobile beta sign up? i can guarantee you tribot has no way to steal your account info, nor do the scripts, unless you tell me you used some script from a nobody then hats off to you
  20. filthyfrank

    Hacked within a week of using Tribot

    yeah and every other of those 'being hacked' posts are from people with 1 post or recently joined. If theres actual 'hacking' going on, don't you think people like me or more hardcore gold farmers would get hit too ?
  21. filthyfrank

    Hacked within a week of using Tribot

    you signing up for 'double xp' on a FAKE twitch stream you downloading wrong runelite client, other than runelite.net you registering for 'early access runelite mobile' Tribot cant hack you and will never will, you said it so youself, you use only A POPULAR COMBAT/MAGIC script, if it was hacking people, how come YOU are the only special cucumber that gets hacked? When things sound too good to be true, thats because they arent, you should start living by this rule my dude.
  22. filthyfrank

    Help, Where to find member i.d to transfer credits

    Hey, we're always here if you need someone to talk to!
  23. filthyfrank

    TRiBot Release 10.12_2

    Im having no issues, are you on tribot 32bit and cross platform RL?
  24. filthyfrank


    Every few weeks new account with 1 post about client detectable.. SOMETHINGS GOING ON HERE