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  1. filthyfrank

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    Not sure if im doing anything wrong but so far after purchasing script, got 3 accounts banned, always botted less than 6hrs a day, with 1h-1h30mins playtime 1hr+ breaks. They were all hand trained from scratch, tut island and everything
  2. filthyfrank

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    Purchased this after trying out the trial! Really good script except i encountered a problem, not sure if its tribots side or this script but im running three clients and have different break timers for each clients. First client can go to break normally but second and third client just gets stuck there and doesn't log out, both accounts have died so far and i checked the logs and it says its going to break but the script doesnt log out like it should(first client does that without an issue) i have no clue on how to resolve this. Thoughts? @EncodedEncodeda
  3. filthyfrank

    F2P Progressive Lobsters

    @Einstein Hey dude, the recent update broke your bot, doesnt drop anything, not sure if its your script or tribots' but just letting youi know
  4. filthyfrank

    TRiBot Release 9.311_2

    thanks papa
  5. @Fluffee hello there good sir, your script broke hope u can fix it, when i start it at the beginning at the tut island it just closes, doesnt even make it to the survival instructor
  6. filthyfrank

    F2P Progressive Lobsters

    thank you ;D
  7. filthyfrank

    F2P Progressive Lobsters

    @Einstein hey again, not sure if u have time but after update there is a chance that the bot will break because it shift drops the last fish but doesnt hold down shift and it will click on the fish, therefore making every option "use" which basically, breaks the bot so yeah i hope thats enough of a description LOL edit: yeah thought it was my clients issue but its happening more often now, used to be 1/10 drops, now its like 1/3 drops, making my accounts prone to the anti cheat
  8. filthyfrank

    Support Runelite for looking glass?

    why noT?
  9. filthyfrank

    TRiBot Release 9.309_0 [Resizable Mode]

    Yayzors, hopefully login bot is decent now >o<
  10. filthyfrank

    F2P Progressive Lobsters

    @Einstein Hi sir, would it be possible to update the webwalking from Lumby>Port sarim? 1/15 times my bot dies to the prison guard at Prince Ali rescue quest area. Other than that, bot works lovely as always, love the shift dropping
  11. filthyfrank

    TRiBot Release 9.308_6

    apparently theres a OSRS maintenance, they removed some worlds so login bot is acting retarded
  12. filthyfrank

    Login bot not working again?

    oh dear, that explains why, thanks!
  13. filthyfrank

    Login bot not working again?

    Bots came back from break and not logging in, tried restarting client and it doesnt select any worlds
  14. filthyfrank


    guess the free rsgp didnt work huh