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  1. filthyfrank

    can we openly discuss RS3.

    ew rs3
  2. @godspower33 you missed mine cmonBruh
  3. Maybe next time trial the script before purchasing lmao
  4. Good update, 1.5m/h before now 800k/h
  5. filthyfrank

    Romeo and Juliet

    Last post was May 22 2017, definitely too late.
  6. filthyfrank

    Best free agility script

    Spend abit and get aagility, gud script
  7. filthyfrank

    Need recomendations

    Vps you mean lol
  8. filthyfrank

    Lowering lagg on looking glass? HELP NEEDED

    If using osbuddy as LG, minimise once hooked If using rl as LG, don't minimise it
  9. filthyfrank

    Tribot Scripts not showing up Anymore help please

    Maybe you can share what you did that solved the problem for you as there are other users who have the similar problem?
  10. Yeah why pick arrows when you can pick craws bows????
  11. For the sake of your wallet, next time use the FREE TRIAL first and read comments. Last post was CmonBruh
  12. Yeah because people like you cant read/dont understand
  13. every other day we get a post like this smh
  14. filthyfrank

    Paid for VIP while I needed VIP Extended

    could just upgraded from vip to vip e and u would have 30 days vip e and 60 days vip e for $2