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  1. aAgility v3 by @Aropupu I was one of the few who used his v3 agility script (recording your own pattern/courses) and was enlightened by this fine gentleman and his work. I was always so afraid to bot agility but with his script i managed to get top 250 in agility with one account. Thank you once again
  2. next time check mod weath's twitter, he will tweet the areas he will monitor aka ban for the day, good luck next time! /s
  3. I also gotten an OG account of mine (maxed rs3) unbanned, they giving us second chances hehe
  4. unfortunately for you, you require 100posts to transfer credits
  5. You must be new to botting, to answer your question, yes. This script and any script that automates stuff for you in game can potentially get you banned. Good luck
  6. the '2 hours every 3 days' has many issues, hope they rework it soon
  7. @Kersysoldier you got dunked on yikes
  8. Tribot does not support OSRS Mobile, wrong platform my nibba
  9. you are literally vip extended as you posted that comment. ???
  10. his discord invite is working properly, check from your end
  11. did you even bother searching?
  12. https://www.sythe.org/members/ckb.1183510/ User has scamquitted be wary
  13. User has been banned on sythe for scamquitting be wary.


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