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  1. Feels bad, vip expired when compensation was issued
  2. ban rate is high as ever. if you bot smart and with lg, you wont get caught easily
  3. 2 days ban and you're complaining? most people here get banned permanently..
  4. If you didnt get the membership on your main ... = are u fucked? lol
  5. Looks like there was a mass banwave when the free 2 weeks membership came out
  6. My accounts just got banned when I got the free 2 weeks on them, lol wtf
  7. @erickho123 Often stops doing anything around 10mins, once you manually withdraw the items from bank it works normally again
  8. Many prices of items will fall, get ready to stockpile/get rid of your stocks
  9. Will you ever add customised spots? that doesn't require the character to be on the tile? For example we can just put 1234,4321 instead of going to the actual tile and clicking "Get tile"?
  10. The best crab script.. gone =(
  11. You wanna bot farm till 9b gp? Maybe if you have 100 zulrah scripts running 24/7
  12. Most likely because of no LG you got banned.
  13. Didnt download anything in 3-4 days but you did download something last week then?
  14. Been using LG for 2 months now, no bans at all, except for using bad scripts. I would really recommend getting LG if you want your accounts to last longer (with smart botting of course)