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  1. filthyfrank

    Game crashes when pressing any keys

    Check if you have GPU plugin enabled on RL, im using RL Looking glass and its working fine
  2. craws will definitely up your gp/h but i dont feel its worth since you will lose 1000 ether guaranteed on death and its like 174k per death, so thats a big yikes from me
  3. filthyfrank

    Perma Ban using FTWfishing scritp

    you dont want to get banned? dont bot, no matter what you do as long as you bot = chance to get banned you wont get refund btw (if you intend to, by the looks of this post kappa), you know the risks of botting so gf account lesson learnt
  4. happens to be occasionally if using wifi
  5. filthyfrank

    Is it possible to change your tribot username?

    yes me too i look like retard
  6. filthyfrank

    The Goldfarming tips most people don't talk about.

    Good read, thanks for this
  7. used to hop if no loot after x seconds but was removed because it was fucky, hopefully he adds it back! yeah i feel you, i blame @godspower33
  8. filthyfrank

    |w| Zulrah Helper [1-3m/hr] - Plugin Tool [RESIZE]

    wait, you use lg with this? so you do it on rl or tribot?
  9. the only way to bot safe is to not bot at all.. you can be banned even for using the script for an hour
  10. Hi would like to report a bug, it's sir tiffy not sir taffy
  11. + is lowering the delay, - is adding on delay, so for your case, you should try +1 to +5
  12. i think just mod acorn stays late in office because she has no family/friends
  13. Yeah then the knight moves and you continue pping and get easy 100 reports, the location where its at is good already since the knight in North house won't fuck up as long people do it right
  14. filthyfrank

    TRiBot Release 10.13_0

    thx for update!