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  1. It doesnt give me that option.
  2. I wanna start botting today as I have in the passed, but it wont let me download Tribot unless I have win-zip or something? I installed win-zip and another program but still confused about how I open a Tribot client in order to bot. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! -Joe
  3. What about 3.2gp ea? Thats about all I can do & I can buy all that you have.
  4. PA is a good site to sell accounts on, but it might take a little to get the cash.
  5. I dont think you can sell accounts on here, but I will buy any gp that you might have.
  6. Buying bulk phats, rares, feathers, flax, & runes.

  7. I can buy all of them for 3ea.Let me know if you change your mind.
  8. No problem. Thank you anyways!
  9. 4ea (fire, air, earth, water) 3ea (mind)
  10. Can you do fcape on a 1 def pure? 70 range 43 prayer. Shoot me a pm!
  11. Sorry! I fixed it. Online!
  12. Not selling accounts lol just doing tutorial island for people on bulk accounts to either use or bot on.
  13. Only accepting 07 gp. C L O S E D ! ! ! ! ! !