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  1. Did anyone request to duel you? If so did they match the duel options you set? This doesn't send duel requests to other players, it waits for a request then calculates your win percentage and accepts if it's in the range percentage you set. Also the opponent must want to do the same type of duel as you set in the gui.
  2. oh wow.... I have literally had 2 accounts perm banned today and one 2 day temp ban yesterday! all different ip addresses as well oh well time to rebuild i guess
  3. hey thanks for the script. works perfcently! But i am having the issue with nails and knives as above
  4. Thanks will give it a try when I get home from work
  5. hey, this will not withdraw food for me I have tried Tuna and Shark with it being case sensitive Thanks
  6. the what?
  7. Love this tool, learning curve and trial and error for around 12 hours i made my self a unique script which is getting me a nice profit
  8. Thanks i did try searching the info for version two but couldn't find anything
  9. could someone tell me the difference between the MAIN and VERSION_TWO calculators?
  10. yeah i agree i noticed this. But i just checked it again for the first time since i started the script and it seems to be doing better?
  11. USA dragon killer. It's worth the effort and low ban rate. Although I've had two banned but ran for couple weeks before that happened. It's worth getting the unlimited auths, as I said just effort to set up.
  12. hey bought this script last night i love it. Noticed a bug though it doesn't register every duel the script does on the logger or the prog Set it to single main settings and just have ya whip with you. Make sure you have no other modes ticked. This wont allow specs to be used as well. Also it waits for people to challenge you, then calculators the odds