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  1. I use twitch prime on my main account which i DONT bot on. and that account is perfectly fine. Used 3 different PAID scripts and all of them got banned ALL after the server crash last night. and its not an IP ban because my 2 main accounts are perfectly fine. Only the accounts that used Tribot.
  2. DO you see that IM a VIP? I have 3 PAID scripts that i use dumbass.
  3. This script is amazing ! every single one was banned from the crash last night. Thank god i stopped botting on my 2 main accounts. They are safe.
  4. Thanks alot guys. Just had those accounts put on bonds last night too a hour before they got banned. 9 accounts.... every single one banned... because your server crashed. You guys are great.
  5. Can i also be refunded? Cant properly make Dragonhide bodies.
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