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  1. I guess all you can do is try even more...Try 1024MB, always works fine for me.
  2. Surely there are scripts of the same or even better standard now?
  3. It would probably be helpful if you provided the exact name or a link to the script that you downloaded. If it was a script that hasn't been checked (i.e. not on the repository), then you could be downloading anything and you download it at your own risk.
  4. 35 - 40 bots on a single machine is a lot o.0 That certainly isn't a potato.
  5. I still have a load if you need. Let me know.
  6. Going back about 5 years, I used to pull of some ridiculous flips. I remember when some new gear was released (can't remember the name), I was making 10m-30m on every individual item flip. It was pretty ridiculous. When the supply is so low, it's really easy to manipulate the market and take advantage of panic buyers/sellers Partyhats used to be really good to flip, too. Back when gold wasn't in such abundance, the market for partyhats was much smaller. Although this usually meant waiting longer for trades to go through, you had much more control over the prices so you could make in excess of 100m per partyhat flip which was a lot back then.