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  1. i don't have half of those, what a joke this is. why do any of you even bother responding to my post if this is what you you have to say?
  2. no need to worry guys I'm happy to lose the money off my account and trade it for the refunded money. No need to stress any more it's all taken care of.
  3. yes I'm going to send all the information i can dig up to you and everyone else on here. i might just stay here all night and chat about it with every one.
  4. yes thank you i saw you wrote the same thing to everyone else that had an issue.
  5. Thank you for taking the time to respond but your answer is not sufficient.
  6. thats great, congratulations. i'll take my refunded money that i get back elsewhere. thanks for verifying that it had to do with tribot.
  7. there is a serious security issue with tribot. my account was just hacked and it was 100% tribot. i will be refunding every penny I've spent here through my bank and i will look for more ways to get even as well.
  8. after dying it collects items, goes to castle wars and stands in front of the bank chest. every time, on all accounts. Also, i don't have access to the script now and i should have 6 days left...
  9. there's a bug when i finish 1 kill, and the 3 drops from zulrah fills the inventory because i only ate 3 food. it stands in clan wars where it teleports to and just stands there. It's happened maybe 20 times.
  10. i understand, i had to kill it my self for nearly 300 kills till i got a serp helm, now it works. I've bought the script multiple times now and it would be great to use these potatoes. they would be more useful than bread, which the script allows.
  11. can you please add potatoes with cheese to the list of food? they are easy for ironman to get...
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