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  1. Because there will be less animals for me to eat.
  2. Are you talking about official release or the betas?
  3. So, as the title states, I'm giving away trial keys for a game I've been playing alot recently. The reason I'm doing so is quite simple, the game needs more players and if you end up liking the game, and decide to buy it yourself after playing with the trial key for a little, I get rewarded with ingame currency. Note that premium membership can be bought with ingame currency, just like runescape. This is seperate from purchasing the game. To help you along in the game, I'll also provide you with some items to get you started, and make things a little easier in the beginning. You can receive these items by talking to me on discord or adding me ingame. Now, a little about the game. Albion Online is a Sandbox MMORPG with a player-driven economy, full loot on death and highly pvp oriented game features. This is the kind of game where risk vs reward plays a large role in the mindset of the players. This game is highly guild oriented, you can play the game by yourself, but expect to get burnt out quickly, the amount of content you don't have access to as a solo player is huge. Anyone wanting to try this game out is free to join the guild I'm in and join in on anything we do. This way, you get to experience the game for what it has to offer. To get a free Trial Key, send me a message on discord: Redsaw#6002
  4. You can see my skype in my signature or on my profile, either way: rosed.bot
  5. The package Saul bought consisted of 2 vCores (@3.9Ghz), 2GB Ram, 1GB Bandwidth and 25gb of storage space. This is our smallest package available and comes preinstalled with any botting client you'd like to use. It has been configured to work great with Tribots Looking Glass and OSBuddy. If you'd like to try a free trial package, let me know @ [email protected] or add me on skype
  6. Rosed

    VPS Setup

    It really depends on how many clients you want to run, I can arrange a VPS to be set up for you so you can play around with it and try some things out. I suggest you add me on skype: rosed.bot or register an account on bottingvps.com and send us a ticket, this way we can forward the client details to you directly.
  7. Thanks for forwarding this on the forums Dax, glad to hear TRiLeZ is doing better now.
  8. Well, yeah, that wouldn't be a problem i suppose, I hadn't really thought about it but if someone wanted to use them for more then two months and the costs were covered I could extend the subscription.
  9. They were part of a package I've been using for a long time and recently reactivated because i was automatically invoiced by paypal.
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