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  1. The only other mining script with ABC2 is aMiner and I get banned within less than 12 hours using it. In fact, TRiLeZ's scripts are the only scripts that have lasted over 12hrs for me, and yes I do spoof my IP with proxies/Vpn as well as spoof my MAC address and clear my jagex cache file etc. etc.
  2. Hey TRiLeZ if you read this, thanks for making all this possible. You've got major talent dood. Your scripts with ABC2 implementation are the shit, but the Delta Miner beta doesn't seem to want to work for me. If you made a full paid version I would defnitely pay top dollar, because all of your other scripts are so kick-ass. The Beta version has a user count north of 4000, and I think many people would also pay for a full/better version of the delta miner. I didn't know what thread to put this in, but if you get a chance, holla back!
  3. What's good Tribot brothas and sistas. I just built a pretty powerful rig strictly for gold farming. I'm running 18 accounts across 4-5 tribot clients with heaps of 1024 mb. I know that this is a noob question, but it seems every time I come back to check on the farm at least 1-2 of the clients become no-longer valid. From what i've gathered, this means that the site has gone down, but what doesn't make sense is that some of my clients remain up and running, while others fall victim to this. If anyone can shine a little light on this situation for me, that would be fantastic.
  4. Im pretty new to goldfarming, but I'm also taking the mass suicide bot approach. I've found success in starting the accounts on a high money making/more risk method such as planking/tanning for the first 24hrs of their life, then muling all the cash off and start a low risk/less profitable method such as flax. Jagex is getting really good with bot pattern detection so it seems.
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