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  1. Scam artist, dont even bother.
  2. Made some cash selling on PlayerAuctions also bought a VPS server for more bots.
  3. Not even lying, when you said Make your bot not look like a bald headed lvl 3, i skipped directly over the word not, like alot of people do, may change that around a bit, other than that solid
  4. I got banned after 2 days from bot detection system, after the ban I kept going and after every 2m worth I transfer to the mule.
  5. Of course... now its time to du uduu dudududuel
  6. Actually I thought it was 77.4%
  7. Is this why prices are going up on iron ore? lol
  8. Dang, I wish someone would donate me 2 pickaxes too:/ XD jk haha
  9. Hello everyone, just wanted to share my goals, and continue to share my goals, until I work my way up into gold-farmer status.. I tried botting years and years ago and I thought it was a waste, then I read up about how much RL cash people can make from OSRS gold, I thought no way in hell can I ever make a dime off runescape, then I stumbled across TRIBOT, and within the day I sold 4m GP for 6$, and when I looked at my PayPal account is when I realized I just made RL cash from runescape.. since then a few days ago I've decided to start working towards a VPS and run more bots.. Today I reached the Green Area of profit and I'm so proud of it... Glad to share and continue to share with you guys here.
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