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    Just here to make a living off this incredible invention.

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  1. theultimateobby


    any chance you might add chop and plank option someday?
  2. theultimateobby

    What Actions New Botters Should Take

    Not even lying, when you said Make your bot not look like a bald headed lvl 3, i skipped directly over the word not, like alot of people do, may change that around a bit, other than that solid
  3. theultimateobby

    [FREE][ABCL10] iPlankFarmer [150K/HR][40 Hour Proggy]

    I got banned after 2 days from bot detection system, after the ban I kept going and after every 2m worth I transfer to the mule.
  4. theultimateobby

    ban rates?

    Actually I thought it was 77.4%
  5. Whats the average GP/hr with minimum mining?
  6. theultimateobby

    NEED a private script made please.

    Looking for a private script if anyone could PM me, and make a payment agreement
  7. Sup Sp, Got a little bit of an issue, every once in a while or sometimes often, the curser will hover bottom left in paint box and move left and right over and over for like 10+ seconds, wish i could be more specific but it does it in different spots last one was by the npc in cow pin
  8. Hey sp, think you could add attacking calfs? lot of cows get butchered immedietly
  9. theultimateobby

    Air Orb Crafter - [LOW REQUIREMENTS : ABC2/ABCL10 : RESIZE]

    Can someone explain how this works to me? please.
  10. theultimateobby

    Break is not logging me out

    Lol, you can set your break time in the client, some scripts just won't support it