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    Just here to make a living off this incredible invention.

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  1. Made some cash selling on PlayerAuctions also bought a VPS server for more bots.
  2. lol no
  3. any chance you might add chop and plank option someday?
  4. Not even lying, when you said Make your bot not look like a bald headed lvl 3, i skipped directly over the word not, like alot of people do, may change that around a bit, other than that solid
  5. I got banned after 2 days from bot detection system, after the ban I kept going and after every 2m worth I transfer to the mule.
  6. Why does your website view look homo? lol! jk
  7. Simply lel.
  8. Of course... now its time to du uduu dudududuel
  9. Actually I thought it was 77.4%
  10. Whats the average GP/hr with minimum mining?
  11. Is this why prices are going up on iron ore? lol
  12. Dang, I wish someone would donate me 2 pickaxes too:/ XD jk haha
  13. Thanks a bunch